Five Reasons It's Important to Upgrade Your CMS

Keeping up with upgrades for your Content Management System is a critical measure to ensure that the performance of your website is always optimized and that you are able to continually maximize its ROI. If it's been over a year since you've last upgraded, now may be the right time to start planning. is here to help you get the best possible results for your business.

Below are 5 crucial reasons for CMS upgrades that you should know!

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Security Threats

We all know change in technology is constant. Unfortunately, sometimes the leaders in constant advancement are security threats. The fight against these threats is also ongoing and upgrades offer the best way to protect your CMS.

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Resolve Errors and Bugs

Over time every new release of software will experience coding errors, faulty plugins and bugs that are addressed in upgrades. If these are left unresolved, this can leave your site vulnerable and be the cause of major security issues.


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Falling Behind Will Cost More Later

Like a website, a CMS is meant to evolve. Companies that take advantage of the incremental changes through upgrades, as a part of a company's annual planning, prevent headaches and expenses later on as each passing version release may compound both.

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Missing Out on New Features

It would be great if there was a relatively low-cost way to upgrade to the newest model car or laptop without having to bear the full expense of a new purchase. That is what CMS upgrading is like. As their businesses change, many companies find themselves in need of new features or functionality. Quite often, new upgrades will offer just what is needed to enable those desired features to become a reality.

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Maintain Compatibility

Most websites have third party components, like plugins, that are also evolving and require updating. Upgrades ensure that your CMS keeps up with those changes and maintains functional compatibility.