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Written by health and recovery experts, and those who daily face the challenges of real-world recovery, Renew magazine serves those new to recovery, transitioning from treatment, or supporting the recovering addict. The only recovery lifestyle magazine, Renew offers the perspective of experience. Renew seeks to support their readers by serving as trusted and wise members of their community, embracing their journey and encouraging their ongoing recovery.

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Goals will expand the Renew community to embrace those new and old to recovery and offers visitors an ever-expanding universe of information, entertainment and connection. The site is to be user-driven, and visitors will be able to connect with each other and offer their own news, listings, insights and inspiration.


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The new site features a clean, modern, and professional design. With architecture powered by the idev® CMS, Renew’s many editors, writers, and administrators can access the CMS based on tiered permission levels. While easy to use, the idev® CMS gives administrative users a sleek interface for quickly controlling content updates. Readers are able to view articles, read blogs, upload photos, create an online diary, and manage their magazine subscription through easy-to-use navigation. With a multitude of recovery resources, articles, editorials, and online access to magazine pieces, the site serves as a base for all of Renew Media’s outreach. Social plugins, including share icons, an RSS feed, and a Twitter feed, allow visitors to stay connected on all of their social networks.

Renew Everyday Homepage
Renew Everyday Interior
Renew Everyday Homepage
Renew Everyday Interior


Since launch, has become a significant voice in the addiction recovery community. In one year, Renew saw its daily unique users increase by nearly 75%, and traffic now is more than double a year ago.

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