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Leonisa.com is a Columbia-based shapewear and lingerie retail site. Since 1956, Leonisa has created innovative, high-end intimate apparel to enhance and express the beauty of women. With over 65 stores located in 14 countries, including Chile, Venezuela, Mexico, Spain, and the United States, Leonisa has an ever-increasing global presence. When they approached Americaneagle.com for a website redesign, Leonisa hoped to create an ecommerce site that would help market them to their new target audience within the United States.



Leonisa already had been named one of the most popular intimate apparel brands in South America. Determined to become a household name beyond the South American market, they hoped to be a top selling lingerie and shapewear brand in the United States. They knew that by improving their online store with a more user-friendly platform they would increase their presence in the ecommerce market. The new site would also improve sales in other revenue sources, including boutiques, catalogs, and department stores. Finally, as a South American brand with many English and Spanish-speaking employees and customers, Leonisa’s site needed to be completely bilingual on both the back and front end.


Americaneagle.com began with a re-imagined graphic design that puts user-friendliness first. The new site is built with Spanish and English versions, allowing for customers to easily use the site based on their preferred language. By eliminating an online language barrier and implementing many of the newest ecommerce technologies, Leonisa has the tools necessary to maximize their reach and increase per-order sales. By simply toggling the language of choice in the site shell, visitors can calculate domestic and international shipping rates, utilize the interactive Fit Guide, stream videos, and locate nearby stores that offer Leonisa products. Each product page also offers similar products in matching colors and styles that visitors can add to their cart without having to navigate to a new page. Leonisa’s admin users have access to the idev® Content Management System (CMS) and idev Ecommerce platform. A reinvented navigation system can be easily updated as the company’s product line grows and ecommerce tools enable flexibility, scalability, and search engine-friendliness. The homepage also includes space for promotional banners and callouts.

Leonisa Testimonial


In less than 30 minutes, I can build, customize, and personalize a new page ready to be pushed live. The idev® CMS is so easy to use, I’ve never once had to call somebody for an explanation.

Victor Yacaman
Ecommerce Director


Since launching their site, Leonisa has seen significant gains towards their revenue goals and are better equipped internally to handle their growing global presence. Leonisa.com’s online conversion rate has increased by 120% since launch. “In less than 30 minutes, I can build, customize, and personalize a new page ready to be pushed live. The CMS is so easy to use, I’ve never once had to call somebody for an explanation,” explained Victor Yacaman, Ecommerce Director at Leonisa. “The idev Ecommerce suite can be summed up in one word: complete. I have the ability to manage everything on demand, from members, to orders, items, shipping, promotions, and more.” Leonisa has also seen tremendous success with their mobile sites.“Navigating on an Americaneagle.com mobile site is flawless. It’s fast, renders nicely, and getting to the right information is easy. Their team has an excellent understanding of what crucial elements need to be present on a mobile site, which has translated into a seamless desktop-to-mobile user experience," said Yacaman.

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