Elgin Recycling

Elgin Recycling

Elgin, IL


Elgin Recycling is a family owned, full-service recycling company that has been in business for over 30 years. Beginning in 1978 as a silver smelting business, Elgin Recycling has built up their company into a multi-facility operation that processes all metals and materials including ferrous metals, exotic alloys, paper, electronics and plastic. Elgin Recycling provides their recycling services nationwide and tends to all companies, large and small, commercial, industrial, contractors, jobsites, and residential areas. Needing to keep up with current web trends Elgin Recycling came to Americaneagle.com. We developed the site on the robust Idev Content Management Platform (CMS), an easy to use user friendly web platform that allows users the ability to create new pages, publish new content, and the ability to create custom forms.

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Elgin Recycling Homepage
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Elgin Recycling Homepage
Elgin Recycling Interior 2
Elgin Recycling Mobile View

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