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Overview is a subscription based website for Bill James Fans. It is an outlet for Bill’s writing and creativity and a place for his fans to read his latest work and to interact with him. The goal of the site is to provide fun, engaging and thoughtful activities related to the world of Sports. Bill did not want a graphically heavy site and really opposed a site redesign, hence the basic layout and text-heavy scheme. One huge difference in the new site is that Bill is able to make essentially any element available to the public. This was not an option in the old site, everything was strictly confined to members. In addition to static content, the site features user interactivity such as rankings, polls, games and contests. developed a Peter Picker game for him where one can pick a pitcher every day and see if he wins. This game utilizes a stats import feed that runs early every morning with updated starting pitchers and even allows one to view all of the historical facts about the player(s) before they choose him to win. Mr Bill James asked for the procurement of two mobile apps. Both Apps are available for download on Apple devices, Click Here for more info.


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