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Association for Corporate Growth

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Founded in 1954, the Association for Corporate Growth is the global community for M&A and corporate growth professionals with 58 chapters and over 14,000 members. Connecting dealmakers is at the heart of the ACG membership experience. Chapters in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia bring business people together to help them achieve their business and professional goals. Years of experience and countless success stories has made ACG the most trusted and respected resource for middle-market dealmakers and business leaders who invest in growth and build companies. With business swelling, the Association for Corporate Growth came to with the realization that they where in need of a site that would allow potential clients to better understand their services. implemented the Idev content management system (CMS) allowing the Association for Corporate Growth the ability to manage events, FAQ, and news. In addition to these features developed a podcast section that allows users to download the Association for Corporate Growth audio publication.

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An client since 1996. ACG hoped to create a new social networking portal to engage ACG members. An online community, centered in the local chapters, will be built with robust tools that will enable ACG members to interact with each other, with their chapters leaders, and more. On the back end, the website should offer a different set of tools based on the expertise of the user, while offering a full suite of tools for future site expansion. Finally, ACG hoped to optimize their site for fast downloading and usage.


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ACG is now ready to connect and collaborate with both their members and their internal staff. Upon login, ACG members can create a profile and take advantage of the portals many features- connecting members from around the globe and strengthening communication on a 24/7 basis. Members have access to an extensive list of tools and features, including blogging, event calendar and event registration, groups, searchable member directory, member chat, inbox, document uploads, and more. Easily managed in a format similar to other popular social networking sites, ACG's online presence conveys it organizational goal: helping leaders interact to fulfill their business and professional goals. National, chapter, and member pages are all managed via the idev CMS, allowing for multiple roles and levels of administrative control for the large diversity of ACG team members who will work on the site. ACG Chapter administrators can immediately access, create, delete, and modify website content, while novice and lower-level users have more limited usability. All various chapters are unified on a single CMS, yet have the autonomy to control their own individual chapter site. The ACG network accommodates for future expansions, so ACG will not be forced to "start from scratch" in order to accommodate new functionalities.

Association for Corporate Growth Homepage
Association for Corporate Growth Interior
Association for Corporate Growth Homepage
Association for Corporate Growth Interior


Since the site launched, 78% of active members have logged into the member portal. Event registrations jumped to over 200,000, and nearly 400 members have begun blogging using the ACG blogging platform. "Thanks to, members of the Association for Corporate Growth can now search for business opportunities, connect with colleagues, engage in conversations, access critical data, share photos and videos, register for ACG events and establish a unique online presence,” explained Gary A. LaBranche, CAE, President & CEO of ACG. “These advantages add great value to ACG membership and empower chapters to more effectively serve members."

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