Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association

Event Calendar, Staff Blog, Multimedia Station, Photo Galleries and Advertisement Campaign Manager Features Create Innovative Site

The Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association (WYSA) provides services to promote the growth of soccer by providing programs to all Wisconsin youth. The WYSA was in need of a new, cutting edge, and user-friendly website to effectively reach their user base. Americaneagle.com implemented the iDev Youth Soccer Platform and Content Management System which powers the new WYSA website. The platform provides users with an easy to use and information-rich website while giving the WYSA team powerful tools to keep the website updated and interactive for their users. Some of the key features on the site are the Events Calendar, Staff Blog, Multimedia Station, Photo Galleries and the Advertisement Campaign Manager. Americaneagle.com was able to create an innovative and efficient website that delivers an engaging and interactive experience for the Wisconsin youth.




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