Estudio Iacona Implementation of iDev CMS Modernized and Simplified Back End Processes, Reducing Web Maintenance

Estudio Iacona is a law firm based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Estudio Iacona has five separate areas of practice. In an effort to better promote their practice, Estudio Lacona joined forces with for the redevelopment of their websites. Through enhanced functionality, was able to create a multi-site project that would enable Estudio Lacona to utilize their online presence as an effective marketing took for their various trademark and legal services, educating users on their brand and services. Paired with an engaging front-end experience, implemented the idev Content Management System (CMS) to modernize and simplify back-end processes, reducing web maintenance.




  • Legal
  • Professional Services


  • Multi-Site Platform
Estudio Iacona Screens

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