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Providing Website Accessibility for All Members

Credit Union 1 has been offering a variety of outstanding financial services to its members for over 60 years. Their mission has always been to help members achieve their full economic potential, which benefits both individuals and the communities in which they live.

When Credit Union 1 partnered with to redesign their web presence, accessibility was a top priority. Credit Union 1 wanted all members, including those with disabilities, to be able to fully utilize all the products and services that their exciting new website had to offer. worked closely with partner Siteimprove to review the design and content elements of Credit Union 1’s new website with regard to how well it followed WCAG (Web Content Accessibility) guidelines. Areas of focus that were evaluated included descriptions of input fields, contrast/color standards, explanation of the purpose of clickable links, allowance of time given for certain functions and much more.

The internal team at also conducted various assessments in relation to ADA compliance, as well as utilizing testing to evaluate the website like a screen reader would for the visually impaired. Through the partnership of and Siteimprove, Credit Union 1’s new website is more accessible to both traditional and non-traditional users. With their new web presence Credit Union 1 can continue to fulfill its mission to help all members make the most out of their economic potential.




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