Arlington Heights Park District

New Site has Many Features That Allow Front End Users to Find What They Are Looking for in a Timely Manner

The Arlington Heights Park District is a public park and recreation agency located in Arlington Heights Illinois. Their mission is to offer the community a variety of fitness and recreation opportunities for people of all ages and abilities. The Arlington Heights Park District enriches the community by providing quality recreation, facilities and family fun. Already a proud member of the family, the Arlington Heights Park District website was in need of a face lift to stay up to date with current web trends. upgraded and implemented the easy to use and highly functional idev content management system (CMS), allowing back end users effortless publications that take effect on the site immediately. In addition to the idev CMS integrated the idev broadcast email system allowing Arlington Heights Park District to send out emails to all current members and registered email addresses with one click of a button. Not only does the new site utilize the idev CMS and idev Broadcast Email, there are many features found through out the site that allow the front end user to find what they are looking for in a timely manner. 




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