Utah Youth Soccer Association

Salt Lake City, Utah
Utah Youth Soccer Homepage


Utah Youth Soccer Association is a governing body for youth soccer in Utah on behalf of the United States Soccer Federation. Utah Youth Soccer was looking to create a new, more user-friendly website to improve back-end capabilities, while providing users better access to information. The new site was created with a fully customized, innovative, and compelling design that makes users eager to view the site while keeping them engaged with various features and functionalities. By implementing the Americaneagle.com iDev Content Management System, the Utah Youth Soccer admins are able to make quick and easy updates to the site, in order to keep their users constantly updated with the most recent information and events. To ensure the site was developed with search engine optimization in mind, the CMS has full capabilities to maintain all SEO content. Through in depth collaboration between both parties, Americaneagle.com delivered a robust, cutting edge, and user-friendly website.


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