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Overview is a YouTube Channel with over 1.2 MILLION subscribers! They create kid friendly video content, reviewing candy, games, and toys. They are currently one of the most popular channels on YouTube and are only continuing to grow in popularity.


Summary worked with Lucky Penny Shop to design a new, fun, and kid-friendly website. Functionality that directly integrates their Amazon items into the new online store was built, allowing CMS users to search for Amazon items from the CMS and import them, while still linking out to Amazon for the sale.

Lucky Penny Shop Website Development Testimonial

Lucky Penny

Once the new website went live, we were not expecting things to happen as fast as they did, but sure enough, early goals were met and our traffic increased over 100% in the first month! Our affiliate sales also shot up over 100% and our TV Room puts us on par with some of the largest companies in the world for our content type.

David Anfuso & Jim Spenner
Owners-Lucky Penny Shop


The results have been stunningly successful as traffic increased over 100% in the first month after launch of the newly-redesigned site and affiliate sales also shot up over 100%. Lucky Penny’s many features, including Contests, a Blog, a Parents section, and the introduction of some “zany” characters, along with integrated YouTube video reviews for each product in their shopping section, gives users a fun, rewarding, interesting, and positive online experience.

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