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Grand Victoria Casino

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The Grand Victoria Casino boasts over 1,100 exciting slots, a countless variety of Vegas-style table games, acclaimed gaming promotions and giveaways, four extraordinary restaurants, including award-winning Buckinghams, and unparalleled customer service. worked with Grand Victoria Casino in their website redesign, creating a better way to steamline messaging, a fresher look, and a much more interactive experience. With the integration of the idev Content Management System, the site is easy to use and update, making it very easy to stay current and reliable!

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Grand Victoria Casino Elgin (GVC) sought to redesign their website to enhance visitors’ online experience and make the site offerings more reflective of their superiority in the gaming industry. GVC had just completed a company rebranding followed by an extensive marketing campaign to reintroduce their brand to the Midwest demographic. As an integral part of their business strategy, they wanted to execute a redesigned website that adhered to their new image and initiatives. Rather than stick with an informational site, GVC wanted to get the visitor excited about the multitude of gaming and entertainment options available. The GVC marketing department was looking for a solution that supported the need to internalize website changes in an effort to keep the content fresh, engaging and interactive across social media channels. Finally, they hoped to find an email marketing solution that would reduce marketing costs, ensure Illinois Gaming Board compliance, and increase casino visits.

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Summary began by implementing a tailored Content Management System (CMS) that matched GVC’s internal needs. The CMS serves as the site’s foundation, enabling GVC employees to perform updates on the site without having to involve outside agencies or IT staff. GVC now has access to real time data on customer website usage, loyalty sign-ups, email preferences, and search referral analysis. Player profiles enable users to track points for loyalty programs, thereby further incentivizing return visits to the casino.The graphics strategy sought to accommodate the diverse demographic of GVC customers while not having to sacrifice on design. A slick, graphically-appealing site focuses on the branded imagery of GVC and entices the user to explore what GVC has to offer. A simple-to-use navigation couples with slide out regions, responsive elements, and cutting edge multimedia. By implementing the idev Mail platform, GVC staff is now able to easily drag and drop their way to beautiful and effective email campaigns. Instead of relying on an outside agency to create and send their marketing messages, they can now create and send in-house in a matter of minutes. Finally, a mobile site was implemented to provide users on mobile devices quick access to the core information of GVC.

Grand Victoria Casino Homepage
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Grand Victoria Casino Homepage
Grand Victoria Casino Interior 3
Grand Victoria Casino Mobile View 3
Grand Victoria Casino Tablet View


Since launching the website, Grand Victoria Casino experienced a tremendous growth in online visitors. Within the first month alone, new visitors increased to 82% of all incoming traffic, and over 23,000 unique visits. Grand Victoria Casino also reduced bounce rates and increased the average time on the site and number of pages visited to over three pages and two minutes. In other words, more visitors who are interested in the casino come to the site, and they stick around to learn more about the casino, get directions, and read about new promotions and events. The idev Broadcast email has helped the GVC marketing team reach their goals and reduce costs. Already, they have reduced their annual email marketing costs by 25%. The new site has truly helped GVC up the ante on their online strategy!

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