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Dale Carnegie Training, founded in 1912, is a well-established leader in business training courses for millions around the world, represented in all 50 United States and over 80 countries. Founded by the famous lecturer and author of “How To Win Friends and Influence People,” Dale Carnegie, the training school stays true to Carnegie’s original mission: to empower people through self-improvement. With more than 8 million people having completed training courses, Dale Carnegie’s goal is to train future and current business professionals the appropriate skills to improve their performance. Offering a wide range of courses, seminars, online training, web events, guide books, and apps, 99% of Dale Carnegie graduates say they are greatly satisfied with the quality of their training.

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Dale Carnegie Training came to Americaneagle.com with hopes of redesigning their website to better serve the needs of their international users, including individuals, government agencies and global businesses. From a design perspective, the goals were simple: update the look and feel to match their most recent branding strategy and connect emotionally with a younger generation of users. Functionally, the goals were numerous. With over 300 franchise owners around the world, each with their own class offerings, language, and cultural concerns, Dale Carnegie needed a network of sites that allowed local franchise owners to simply and easily manage their website and course offerings through a content management system. Simultaneously, the corporate site needed to syndicate content and events hosted around the world. Increased revenue from the corporate site was the primary goal, but the franchise sites also wanted to increase lead generation and sales.


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To achieve their goals, Americaneagle.com worked with Dale Carnegie to build their new corporate website, which also includes a network of over 300 franchise sub-sites. These franchise websites service 70 countries around the globe and support 31 different languages. The site currently accommodates payment processing for all American-owned franchises and soon will offer international payment processing. Each franchise site and CMS is set to their own local language and varies the display of other international considerations, like dates and currencies. Once suffering from an outdated image, the new Dale Carnegie site is fresh and appealing to a younger demographic of users while still touting Dale Carnegie’s longtime expertise in business training.The layout also makes it easier and more inviting for Dale Carnegie franchise owners to manage their own pages. Franchise owners have total control of their site, with access to the full CMS functionality enjoyed on the corporate site. The main corporate site benefits from syndicated news and events. When a franchise announces a new event on their site, corporate admins can select events to show up on the corporate site.This serves a dual purpose: driving local leads to the franchise sites and directing engagement at the franchise level back to the corporate site.

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Since the website launched, Dale Carnegie has improved both the number of leads and sales. In July 2012 alone, the website generated over 20,000 leads. Analysis shows a 94% improvement in lead generation from the old site to the new site. They have also found success in getting their franchise owners on board with the new site. Since the site has launched, franchise sites have increased by 27% globally. “Two years into our relationship, we could not be happier,” Piera Palazzolo, Senior Vice President of DaleCarnegie.com explains. “Americaneagle.com created a system with e-commerce, content management, rich mobile content, and ongoing site maintenance and hosting for our organization. This has been an integral part of our world-wide growth.”

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