Chicago Transit Authority (Transit Chicago)

Chicago Transit Authority (Transit Chicago)

Chicago, Illinois


The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) operates the nation's second largest public transportation system, covering the city of Chicago and 35 of it's surrounding suburbs. On an average weekday, approximately 1.7 million rides are taken on the CTA. The CTA first partnered with in 2008 for a website redesign and since then, has worked on numerous projects with leading to an exceptional 4 websites featuring the idev Content Managment system, e-Commerce platform, and data feeds.

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The CTA paired up with looking for a brand new informational site that would coincide with a new tool that would allow for train tracking. This was a brand new initiative for the CTA and came with a fair share of challenges. The CTA hoped to execute a brand new mobile site and train tacking capability allowing them to improve their mobile presence, attract new riders to their services, and integrate with other third party applications. Rather than create a mobile app, the CTA wanted train tracking functionality that was web-based, allowing riders to get up-to-date, personalized public transportation information without having to download an application. Additionally, the CTA wanted to create APIs that would allow other third party developers to generate their own apps off the Train Tracker data.


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Summary assisted CTA in developing and launching the new CTA Train Tracker. This highly- anticipated tool enables CTA riders to view estimated arrival times for all 144 trains stations across 8 rail lines on CTA’s desktop or mobile website. In helping to develop CTA Train Tracker, worked closely with the CTA to integrate with the software that monitors the agency’s signal system, allowing CTA Train Tracker to deliver the predicted arrival times of approaching trains to be posted within a 15 minute timeframe. The tool was built to then refresh prediction times every 20-30 seconds, giving riders the most up-to-date information available. The tool was also created with a dynamic yet user-friendly interface for the desktop and mobile versions of the tool. Riders can choose the number of results that appear and how they are sorted, such as by track, route, or time, providing a truly personalized experience.

Chicago Transit Authority Homepage
Chicago Transit Authority Interior
Chicago Transit Authority Mobile View
Chicago Transit Authority Homepage
Chicago Transit Authority Interior
Chicago Transit Authority Mobile View


With the creation of Train Tracker, the CTA is kept well-informed of rider trends. delivered a tool that proved to be ideal for commuters to use on a daily basis. With this tool, the CTA was able to provide their millions of riders with accurate and timely schedule information.

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