Intranets and Portals The Customer and Employee Engagement Secret Sauce
Let’s admit it, times are changing, and companies are being forced to rethink both customer and employee engagement. As organizations have been caught off guard with an influx of inbound customer calls, the need to address anxious customer concerns quickly and transitioning employees to remote work, the need for transparent and efficient communication has never been higher. Join Sitecore and for a live webinar that will provides insights and perspectives on how to deliver against the new necessity for both intranets and portals and practical ways to successfully serve customers and employees efficiently in the world’s “new normal.” 

We'll walk you through the key considerations prior to starting a project to implement your own intranet or portal, and showcase successful examples from some of our customers leveraging Sitecore for their own intranet or portal like Rust Oleum, Sysmex, and Nashville Electric.