Webinar thumbnail for "Ensuring Digital Accessibility in Multimedia & PDFs", indicating success with accessibility agency

While many organizations have prioritized making their web pages accessible, a significant gap remains in extending these efforts to other online content, such as multimedia and digital documents. This oversight not only poses a risk of non-compliance but also excludes a vast audience from accessing critical content. Partnering with Allyant, this webinar tackles these often-neglected areas of digital accessibility.

During this webinar, our accessibility experts from Americaneagle.com and Allyant will:

  • Explore in-depth how to create accessible video content, focusing on imperative features like captioning, audio descriptions, and accessible media players.
  • Address the complexities of making PDF documents fully accessible and readable for all users.
  • Explain crucial strategies to not only meet legal standards but also to enhance engagement across all digital mediums.

Don’t let your accessibility efforts stop at your homepage—expand them to encompass every aspect of your digital presence and ensure no user is left behind.