New Fairfax County Federal Credit Union Website Provides Immediate Value to Customers

Credit unions are member-driven, so FCFCU wanted to provide its 15,000+ members with the best possible technology on which to build their finances and the new website delivers in a big way.

The initial objectives for the website included replacing a dated user interface with one that embraces modern design standards. FCFCU also wanted to improve usability and navigability, implement a web-based CMS (content management system), and unify the online brand with offline marketing.

Nadia Lewis, Marketing Manager at FCFCU, sought out after success with the web design and development company in a previous role. She believes that many people, consciously and subconsciously, judge the competency of an organization on how advanced their website is. Nadia commented: “Working with has again been a real pleasure. The new website is exactly what we were looking for; modern, easy to use and a credit to our brand. We couldn’t ask for better service, and we wouldn’t hesitate to use the services of again.”

The new website is built on idev, a platform that has enabled the site to be responsive on all devices, which appeals to younger customers and is convenient for all members as it is quick and easy to find information at any time, on any device. This is a crucial aspect of the new site as Fairfax serves many military and government employees that move from location to location, so the site is easy to access and users are able to bank from anywhere.

Since the launch of the new website, the views have gone up tremendously, bounce rate has reduced, and the time visitors are spending on the website has also increased.

About Fairfax County Federal Credit Union

Fairfax County Federal Credit Union began operations in April, 1958, to serve the financial needs of Fairfax County Government employees. FCFCU is a financial cooperative, owned and controlled by the people who use its services (our members). Fairfax County FCU remains true to the credit union philosophy of “People Helping People” by operating as a not-for-profit financial institution. FCFCU now has over 15,000 members and 6 locations. For more information about Fairfax County Federal Credit Union, visit