and JOIA De Majorca Launch New B2B Ecommerce Website on ROC Commerce for Jewelry Retailers and JOIA De Majorca announced today that they have launched a new retail ecommerce site on the ROC Commerce platform with expanded B2B functionality designed to make it easier for jewelry retailers to place wholesale orders for their Majorca Pearls. Consumers can order Majorca Pearls directly from the new website, but jewelry retailers will have the ability to access wholesale order information via website login. The new website is located at

Majorca Pearls are very popular with jewelry buyers who frequent the cruise industry, and worldwide travelers, but lack exposure to the average jewelry shopper. This new website solves two industry wide problems, it increases exposure of the product to the average jewelry consumer, while making the wholesale purchase of Majorca Pearls simpler.

“We came to looking to develop a friendly, easy-to-use website that would generate consumer brand exposure outside of in-flight and duty-free purchases, while allowing our retailers to purchase via the web with ease. We could not be happier with the end result.” says Lenny DiCristofano, CEO of Joia De Majorca.

The website has been launched on the ROC Commerce eCommerce Platform and includes many features such as advanced product filters and Cloud Zoom product image detail to name a few. JOIA De Majorca chose based on their extensive knowledge of the ROC Commerce platform and their extensive portfolio of clients

About JOIA De Majorca 
JOIA De Majorca is a one of the world’s largest distributors of Majorca Pearls. Majorca Pearls are organic, man-made pearls created through a process of mimicking the oyster’s own internal processes which creates a pearl that is chemically similar to pearls which are found directly in nature. JOIA De Majorca employs worldwide sales representatives and is based in the Chicagoland area. For additional information about JOIA De Majorca, visit