Another Fine Hosting Performance for a Customer on the Big Day

“Big Game” congratulations to our web hosting team of experts for another fine Big Gameday performance as once again experienced fantastic traffic increases without any noticeable slowdowns or issues with their website, hosted in the data center.

Having hosted websites for over 20 years now, we have some of the top hosting services available and we’re able to prove it year after year. Whether it’s the official White House website on Inauguration Day, an NFL team moments after winning a championship, or an ecommerce site mentioned by Oprah as one of her favorite things, is proud to host and maintain websites for some of the world’s most popular brands during high profile events.  

Once again this year, advertised their fine automotive parts and accessories in a very well-produced advertisement during the game. You can watch it here.

David Jones, the Director of Sales Engineering at Dynatrace, did a great job of measuring the success of the respective advertiser websites during the Big Game. In his blog, they tracked all of the websites using real browsers running from multiple locations throughout the USA and world. Calling it the Dynatrace “Performance Bowl”, we’re happy to say that was in the top 4 of the 50 websites tracked. You can view the entire article here

Due to the hype and publicity of the Big Game, not to mention the huge investment by the advertiser, it’s crucial the website doesn’t crash and burn after the ad runs. Strategic planning, preparation, testing, and continuous monitoring are all key to ensuring Big Game day success.

Congratulations to Peyton Manning, the Broncos, and the websites that came out on top yesterday! For more information on our web hosting and security services and capabilities, please visit this section of our website.