Launches New Official Web Site for Philadelphia Eagles recently partnered with the Philadelphia Eagles football team to complete a major overhaul of their official Website and online store. The redesign project was initiated to create a dynamic online presence that would match the excellence of the Eagles organization and provide an innovative new portal for fans to obtain all team news, view multimedia, interact with other fans, purchase official merchandise, and much more.

The new represents an extensive Web 2.0 upgrade for the Philadelphia football team. worked with the Eagles to create a fresh new Web presence that included improvements to the site's design and functionality while ensuring consistency with the established branding guidelines. Within the homepage, the newest enhancements include: higher quality images and multimedia, cleaner navigation, and a customized background selection option which allows fans to choose from a number of backdrop options. These homepage upgrades work to create an engaging environment that accurately showcases the energy and excitement surrounding the team.

To create the best possible online experience for site visitors, interior pages were also improved with several dynamic and user-friendly upgrades. Indeed, fans can now watch high quality video on a larger multimedia player, view an interactive depth chart, and browse through enhanced photo galleries with the ability to rate, email, and comment on images. In addition, a community presence within the site was strengthened through online polls, surveys, and discussion boards.

Given the importance of Philadelphia Eagles team news to visitors, the site's news page was redesigned with a new modular organization. This structure provides fans with immediate access to the latest news stories and links to the ‘most read' or ‘most emailed' stories by fans. Locating previous news stories was also simplified with new search filters that allow for quicker access to the news archives. Furthermore, each news story page includes a new 'tool bar', which gives fans the ability to adjust text font size, report errors, comment on articles, and much more.

Posting of all these news releases quickly and efficiently was another major importance to the fast-paced NFL team. Accordingly, a custom content management system built on the idev® platform was created to accommodate the needs of the Philadelphia Eagles. This tool provides designated staff with the control and flexibility to edit, remove, and add to the site's many sections, while ensuring that each page has a consistent look and feel.

The idev® platform was also customized for the Philadelphia Eagles official online store. The online store, which currently sells over 1,000 products, includes many custom features designed to best meet the needs of their fans. For example, Eagles fans can use the store's "Personalize it" feature to create a custom jersey with a personally selected name and number. This functionality also creates an image preview to review before purchasing.

In celebration of the Philadelphia Eagles' historic anniversary, has also developed a 75th Anniversary Website. Eagles history buffs can review their knowledge of the team via the site's "virtual museum," which features Flash video, exclusive images, and a breakdown of the last 75 seasons.

Furthermore, with the launch of the Philadelphia Eagles Website, also announces that we are currently working on redesigns for several other NFL teams including the Cincinnati Bengals and New York Giants. In addition, the Houston Texans site was also recently launched in April of this year. Given this, is now the chosen Web provider for 6 NFL teams, which is more NFL teams than any other full service Web solutions provider.