New Features

Chicago Blackhawks' Interactive Depth Chart

We have shown depth charts in previous newsletters but we have recently launched our first one for a hockey team, the Blackhawks. Not only are their current players included in the depth chart but their future prospects are as well. This gives all Blackhawks fans a sneak peek at the team's future. The depth chart is broken down by their Full Strength, Power Play, and Penalty Kill lines. Much like other depth charts the fans are able to view brief details about the player and then head directly to their full bio. Of course, the entire depth chart is controlled using their Content Management System and can be adjusted at anytime. Click here to view the Chicago Blackhawks' Interactive Depth Chart.


The new WYSIWYG Tool will give you even more control over editing the text that appears on your Web site. It will, of course, work seamlessly with your Asset Manager within your current Content Tool. In addition, the copy and paste functionality to carry text from MS Word is greatly improved. You also have the option to create tables or insert tables and resize images right in the editor.