A World Outside Of Sports

Americaneagle.com is a very diverse Web development company and has developed Websites in virtually every industry imaginable. We are going to start taking a look at a couple of the Websites we develop each month that are not related to sports. We encourage you to look over the sites as they may spark ideas for features and elements on your own site. This month, Americaneagle.com is proud to show off www.viennabeef.com and www.donaldjpliner.com.

Donald J Pliner (www.donaldjpliner.com)

Donald J Pliner of Florida, Inc. is a progressive company committed to trends, fashion, quality, and customer service. Comfort is especially important in all of our products, including footwear for men and women, leatherwear for men and women, handbags and belts. As a growing company we have expanded into the luxurious world of pet accessories with Friends of BabyDoll Pliner; a collection of outerwear, collars, leashes, harnesses, day carriers and FAA approved airline carriers for dogs up to 20 pounds. All of these accessories are manufactured in Italy or Spain with state-of-the-art quality control.

Website Features

  • Ability to browse an entire line from one page
  • Zoom feature to view details of products
  • Related items at checkout
  • View the items in your shopping cart by simply hovering over the shopping cart link
  • Print catalog online

Vienna Beef (www.viennabeef.com)

Chances are if you have ever visited Chicago you have had a Vienna Beef Hot Dog. Vienna Beef was founded in 1893 when Austria-Hungarian immigrants Emil and Reichel Ladany introduced their family frankfurter recipe to their fellow Chicagoans at the legendary Columbian Exposition. The hot dog was a hit, and Vienna Beef was born. More than 100 years later, we're still making our sausages the old-fashioned way, with pure domestic beef and our original recipe, made to the highest of quality standards and hickory-smoked for authentic flavor.

Website Features

  • Store Locator
  • Photo Sharer
  • Email System
  • Hot Dog Recipes
  • Building a Chicago Style Hot Dog