Chicago Hot Dog Company Beefs Up Website with is proud to unveil the new, tastier Vienna Beef Website. Redesigned from the ground up, the site creates a fresh look for the Chicago company that's been dishing out hot dogs for over 100 years. In addition to a vibrant design, the new features several dynamic and interactive components to generate excitement among hot dog fans and potential stand owners. Some of these features include: a homepage visitor poll, shop locator, hot dog builder, photo sharer, and more.

In an exciting and informative online environment, the new proves to be a useful resource for two different audiences. Consumers can log on to the site to locate nutritional information, recipes, Vienna Beef locations, as well as fun games. In addition, existing Vienna Beef retailers or potential business owners can easily obtain product information, specific to their needs by means of straightforward contact channels.

In an effort to keep all this information fresh and up to date, Vienna Beef staff benefit from full administrative control over the Website. Through backend programming, this functionality allows for simple management and monitoring of all site content, including any submissions such as photos or query forms. For example, any file submitted through the photo sharer goes through an approval process before the image is posted to the site, which may later enable promotional photo contests. With the help of the administrative tool, Vienna Beef is empowered to make their Website an active part of their marketing efforts.

As a Chicago-based Web developer, is honored to have offered services to a company that has long been a staple in local diet. "We loved collaborating with Vienna Beef and look forward to working with them again in the near future," said Michael Svanascini, COO of Likewise, Vienna Beef is so pleased with the outcome that they treated's 100 plus employees to a lunch, which included their famous hot dogs complete with poppyseed buns, yellow mustard, chopped onion, green relish, tomato wedges, pickle spears, celery salt, sport peppers, and Vienna Beef.

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The development team that worked hard on the new, poses after a satisfying lunch, compliments of Chicago's favorite hot dog company.