What Do Your Fans Think?

Americaneagle.com is excited to offer a dynamic survey system that allows you to survey your fans, visitors, any anyone else you choose. The system will integrate seamlessly into your existing site and Content Tool. You are able to create new surveys, add or edit questions, and view the statistical reports of the survey responses. Question formats can include true or false, multiple choice, ranking, short answers, short answer, and yes or no questions.

Surveys can be placed directly on the site, emailed through your email marketing system, or links can be distributed through other marketing promotions. Once the survey is completed, responses are automatically calculated. Beyond the canned reports, we can create a custom query tool allowing you to analyze any cross section of data needed.

This is an incredibly easy way to reach out to your fans and ticket buyers while saving money and increasing responsiveness. How much time and money would be wasted in order to mail out a paper survey, tabulate the responses, and create reports by hand? Please contact us for more information.