Do You Want Your Site To Load Faster? has partnered with Akamai to bring the EdgeSuite Delivery Platform to our clients. We have negotiated incredible rates with Akamai due to the high profile and high traffic clients we have. The performance of your Website will drastically improve by increasing reliability and load times for all users. Nothing will change in how you update the site or people navigate the Website other than the speed and reliability. Rather, all the changes are behind the scenes. pushes data from your Website to the Akamai CDN system. The Akamai system will then distribute that data to their network of servers. Akamai's CDN (Content Delivery Network) consists of over 18,000 servers world wide. When a visitor visits your Website they will actually pull your site's data from the Akamai network servers that are closest to their location or the servers that will best provide the data to them.

If you are interested in learning more about the Akamai system including costs for this service please contact Mike Svanascini.