How profitable is your e-commerce store? Is it fully integrated with your site or are you sending fans elsewhere and losing valuable traffic? Does it resemble your site and look attractive? If you answered "no" to any of those then you need to take a serious look at the store. There is no reason that your e-commerce store shouldn't be a revenue generating machine through your site. The main issue with most e-commerce stores in the sports industry is that distribution and fulfillment companies attempt to do it. They are great at distribution and fulfillment but most know little about effective e-commerce.

Americaneagle.com has developed hundreds of e-commerce stores including the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The HOF was in need of help with their site and Americaneagle.com was there for support. Just as we did with them, we will sit down with you and work to develop a store geared around your needs as well as your fans' needs. This is one area where working with Americaneagle.com is a big advantage. We create sites for many other industries than just sports and e-commerce is one of our specialties. Americaneagle.com can also help with the distribution and fulfillment of merchandise purchased from your new e-commerce store if you it's needed.

Here is a list of stores we have recently launched:

The data that is collected from each customer will be as valuable as the sale itself. You will be able to keep track of who purchased what items and when for your marketing campaigns. This can all be integrated into a robust broadcast email system that allows you to target your fans and offer them coupons and discounts on merchandise. Of course you will also be able to use this data for other email marketing such as ticket sales and sponsorships.