Nation's Largest Auto Show Cruises Online Again with, a leading Website design, development, and hosting company based in Park Ridge, IL, supports a continued partnership with the Chicago Automobile Trade Association (CATA). For a second year, is responsible for the Chicago Auto Show's interactive Web presence, found at

While the nation's largest auto show celebrates its 98th year in production, it also observes its 7th year online. The CATA first established the event's promotional Website in 1999 and has since coordinated several redevelopments, in accordance with emerging technologies and the rise of Internet popularity. One such redevelopment came after the 2004 show, when the CATA contacted to administer a major overhaul of the domain.'s redevelopment for the 2005 Chicago Auto Show Website focused on creating an exciting, user-friendly experience, in an effort to increase traffic to the site and to the show. With the addition of Web cams, a dynamic show floor, media registration, and more, the highly interactive and easy-to-navigate site saw online audiences that exceeded other auto show Websites in both quantity and longevity. Under the guidance of, online ticketing for the Chicago Auto Show increased 47.4% over 2004. This increase is largely attributed to convenient technology that lets consumers purchase and print tickets with unique barcodes right from their personal computer. Auto Show personnel obtain the unique ticket codes through an FTP account and activate the codes in the scanners, which then validate the tickets at entry.

Considering 2005's online success, the CATA was quick to partner again with to manage the 2006 auto show Website. While sticking to the same intuitive and streamlined graphic design, several enhancements were made for 2006 to make the site more interactive. Amongst this year's new features are an updated show floor and two historical timelines. These enhancements incorporate Flash technology to create movement and entice users to interact with the site.

Additionally, is the only auto show Website to feature individual pages dedicated to every vehicle on display at the show. According to traffic statistics, these vehicle-showcase pages prove to be the most popular pages on the site. This gives the Chicago Auto Show's site a clear advantage over other auto show Websites in achieving impact and influence.

The search engines also play a role in driving traffic to the Chicago Auto Show Website, and this year, the show benefits from having an expanded listing in Google. Upon calling up the listing, a visitor can follow the link to the homepage as usual, or he/she can pull up targeted interior pages by following more specific headers located within the listing. In the case of the auto show, visitors can link directly to "Vehicles on Display," "Hours and Admission," "Show at a Glance," etc. This expanded listing allows users to find desired information as quickly as possible, by cutting down on the number of clicks and reducing search time.

Over the past two years, is proud to have dedicated time and talent into the online presence for the Chicago Auto Show. As a Web development firm headquartered in the Chicago-land area, there is a definite sense of accomplishment within the company for its work with the historic Chicago event. According to one of the owners of, Michael Svanascini, "We feel that the Chicago Auto Show Website is the premier auto show site in the world. It is a great supplement to the show itself for consumers and the media to research all the vehicles and concept cars displayed at the show. It is also a convenient tool to purchase tickets and avoid the ticket lines at the show." Indeed, looks forward to a continued relationship with the CATA to grow and develop the show's online concept.

In the past eleven years of Web development, has experience with companies large and small across a variety of industries, including government, healthcare, associations, professional and collegiate athletics, retail, and others. In particular, is no stranger to the automotive industry. The firm has worked with many such clients outside of the Chicago Auto Show, including NASCAR, the International Speedway Corporation, MacNeil Automotive, and the 500 Festival.

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