Cincinnati Bengals Kick Off Season with New Web Site

After this past year's NFL Website awards ceremony, the Cincinnati Bengals contacted to overhaul the Bengals' Website in time for the 2005-2006 season. With a more exciting and organized online presence, the new design coincides with the beginning of a new era for the Cincinnati football team.

The new features many of the bells and whistles that make athletic sites such dynamic and engaging experiences for visitors. Bengals' fans can now enjoy popup athlete windows when reading about a particular player's performance and even customize the site to their personal specifications. But all these enhancements don't mean that the site lacks content. In fact, the new site is just as rich with content as the previous site, but now the information is presented in a clean, highly organized fashion—making it possible for visitors to find the content they're searching for.

To prowl through the Bengals' new online jungle, visit