Charts New Course for the Federal Maritime Commission Web Site is proud to announce the launch of the new Website for the U.S. Federal Maritime Commission – As the U.S. regulatory agency responsible for administering a number of U.S. shipping statutes and regulating the U.S./foreign maritime commerce, the Commission relies heavily on its Website to accurately communicate with people and organizations throughout the international maritime industry.

On the official launch date, FMC Chairman Steven R. Blust remarked: "I'm pleased to announce the launching of the Commission's new Website and believe that the site will provide a more user-friendly resource for all of our stakeholders." The look and functionality of the new Website is significantly different from the Commission's current site, and much of the information has been reorganized and updated to improve transparency and flow of information. Content has been organized by areas of interest and by regulated entity - making it easier to find information.

"'s biggest challenge was from a structural standpoint," said Mike Svanascini, Vice President. "FMC must convey a mass amount of information through its Website, so we not only created a new, more intuitive structure for the site, but also worked hand-in-hand with FMC staff to migrate the data throughout the site."

In addition to an informational restructuring of the site, also created a full Content Management System for the Commission, allowing FMC staff to manage each and every page of the Website and thus eliminating any technical bottlenecks for daily updates.

Please visit and explore the new Website of the U.S. Federal Maritime Commission.