New York Giants Web Site Recognized by NFL for Best Design is pleased to announce that the NFL recently recognized the New York Giants Website for its outstanding design. At its annual Internet Awards event, the NFL selects those club sites that stand out from other clubs in various categories such as best content, best fan interactivity, and in the case of the New York Giants, best site design.

Like it does with other professional sports teams, enlists a talented group of graphic designers to create each Website's unique look. The NY Giant's site is distinguishable by a look and feel that is somewhat unconventional in the professional sports world, which may be one reason that it was picked as the best design. An in-your-face picture on the homepage of a player in an athletic pose (see image at right) is just one of the many exciting graphical elements featured throughout the site. To see for yourself what the NFL and NY Giants fans are raving about, stop over at