Under the Hood: 3 Tips to Tune up Your Automotive Website

Automotive repair businesses know that maintenance is key to a vehicle’s longevity. We’ve all seen the horrors of lapsed oil changes, disregarded transmission flushes, and tires that are more steel belt than rubber. These same rules apply to your website.

Your website, like a car, has parts that need to be changed and modified frequently to ensure that it is attracting customers, making the right impression, and ranking high on search engines. Failure to do so will mean your website isn’t making you money, but costing you money.

These are 3 key areas to keep your website running at peak performance.

1: SEO Content

SEO is the system by which Google decides which websites rank higher or lower when a customer hits the search button. To change your rank is a balance of words, images, video, and site structure. If you have not changed anything on your website since it was new, you’re most likely not ranking well. 

Which means your potential customers can’t find you. 

By changing the words, photos, and site structure on your site, we can help grow your business by ensuring you rank higher when potential customers are searching - all without having to redesign.

2: Site Search

Site search is how most customers browse websites today. They skip right over banners, categories, and graphics, and head to the search box. If you’re site doesn’t have one, then customers may be leaving before even looking at a product. 

It is a more involved project than SEO, but the return on investment is extraordinary. Contact us today to learn about our automotive successes, among others, with site search installations.

3: Responsive Site

This is the most involved, but highest return of these three categories. If your site doesn’t change size when being viewed on a phone, your site isn’t responsive. If it isn’t, that means Google is placing you lower in search results, and you could be missing out on over 70% of your potential traffic.

Contact us today to learn more about a responsive redesign, SEO, and site search. All of these important facets of quality web design are crucial to your online success.

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