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As a Gold Level Kentico Partner, has a strong portfolio of customized client websites built on the Kentico fully integrated, all-in-one platform that features content management, online marketing, and ecommerce solutions.

In November 2018, Kentico released version 12 of the platform, which features the same out-of-the-box solutions and open API development capabilities while making a shift from the web forms platform into .net MVC technology. In June of 2019, they released the first major “Service Package” to complement the K12 feature set.

What is MVC?

MVC, or “Model, View, Controller,” was introduced by Microsoft in 2007; this programming model separates the site data (the model) from the visual aspects of the site (the view) and the code that translates the date into the view (the controller). Among other benefits, the MVC development models allow for faster, more agile development, supporting larger builds that can be shared among multiple developers. In addition, the view and the model can more easily be modified without affecting one another, as a result of the separation of code.

Translation: we can build larger, better websites – faster!

Kentico 12 Tools

The MVC Page Builder within the content management system allows content editors to customize page layout and add widgets and other page content easily without developer support.

To support this, Kentico 12 still offers many of the existing content management features, such as the WYSIWYG editor, banner management, and form builder tool, among many more!

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As with previous Kentico releases, version 12 includes the ecommerce tools that allow customers to build their store categories and products, and manage their customer and order information within the same content management system as their page content. However, the Kentico Platform still offers connections to customers’ internal ERP systems, CRMs, and other sales and customer management systems.

The variety of Online Marketing Tools give marketers the power to schedule and control their promotional efforts directly from the content management system. Some key features include:

  • Campaigns and Email Marketing
  • A/B and MVT testing
  • Content Personalization
  • Contact Management, Leader Scoring and Personas
  • Web Analytics

By combining all of these tools within a single platform, customers are empowered to track the behaviors and activities of their website visitors (both ecommerce and general site interaction) and analyze that data in order to improve the user experience, increase valuable leads, and close more sales. All the while empowering developers to use the latest and greatest technology to execute on these digital strategies.

What about the WebForms Model?

The MVC and WebForms models have both been available on the Kentico platform for a number of years, though WebForms was the most common implementation method and therefore most existing sites still require support for that model. In addition, existing Kentico sites on previous WebForms versions will be able to upgrade to a WebForms Kentico 12 platform.

Microsoft does still offer WebForms support, as does Kentico.

However, customers will see moving forward that the focus is more on developing and improving the MVC product as they previously did with the WebForms version. It is also important to note that Microsoft will not support WebForms indefinitely, and therefore eventually WebForms sites will no longer have an upgrade path.

As a customer, if you are looking for a long-lasting site that can be upgraded on the latest technologies for years to come, MVC is the way to go!

For more information, see the Kentico version 12 product release.

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