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*Updated on 5/24/24

As a bank and credit union in today’s digital world, it’s never been more important to have a well-designed website that welcomes users and encourages them to leverage your services. Consumers expect seamless online experiences, especially when it comes to managing their finances, making a user-friendly and visually appealing website a critical aspect of enhancing customer satisfaction and establishing trust and credibility within a consumer base.

As a Kentico web development partner, leverages our expertise to craft websites that go beyond aesthetics, incorporating robust functionality and security measures. By understanding the unique needs of financial institutions, we deliver tailored solutions that optimize user experience and drive engagement for our customers.

An open laptop on a wooden desk displaying an online payment interface with sections for cardholder name, card number, expiration date, and security code


Why Choose Kentico for Banking and Credit Union Websites?

Professional and Visually Engaging Designs

Kentico offers a diverse array of professionally designed templates and themes that can be meticulously tailored to the financial industry. These templates can be customized to align with the visual identity of banks and credit unions in ways that are not only visually engaging, but also reflect the institution's identity and professionalism, leaving a lasting impression on visitors.

User-Friendly Content Management

Kentico features an intuitive and user-friendly content management system (CMS) with the goal of simplifying content creation, updates, and management for banks and credit unions. This ensures that critical financial information remains up-to-date and accurate, without necessitating advanced technical expertise.

Security and Compliance

Kentico places a paramount focus on security and compliance, making it an ideal choice for banking and credit union websites subject to stringent data protection regulations. Robust security features and secure data handling options help institutions maintain the confidentiality of sensitive financial information while adhering to industry standards.

Kentico Banking and Credit Union Website Examples by

Implementing beautiful and innovative website designs for financial institutions has never been more important. Here at, as an award-winning Kentico development company, we have the experience and expertise to work with our customers to create websites that enhance customer satisfaction and have robust functionality features.

Southland Credit Union

Digital devices display Southland Credit Union's website, featuring banking upgrades, credit card offers, vehicle loans, and teen checking accounts

Southland Credit Union (SCU) was looking for a website development agency that could create a sleek and easy-to-navigate website. The credit union wanted a user-friendly website built on a CMS that enabled it to manage existing content, update rates, and inform users of updates to streamline their processes. implemented the Kentico platform for its functionalities and long-term scalability for continued growth while also performing a content migration. also added brand and ATM maps, as well as custom rate widgets that SCU can easily updated and add to pages. In addition to the integrations, worked to ensure web accessibility by testing for multiple areas of compliance, and more specifically, ADA compliance.


    Electronic devices displaying TowneBank's web pages on treasury services, cash management, and credit card options.

    TowneBank was looking to move away from their previous CMS provider to Kentico in order to be more cost efficient and ensure that they could enhance the website content and features without constant IT and development support, while modernizing the site design. As a long-standing digital partner of TowneBank, sought to provide high quality solutions.

    These solutions started with migrating TowneBank to Kentico in order to allow backend users to easily tailor their messaging to fit specific business goals and objectives. Additionally, implemented a variety of features to enhance functionality and user experience. These features include location search, which allows the browser to read the user’s location and automatically plots nearby TowneBank locations. also redesigned the Online Banking Enrollment process in order to improve the user experience, increase flexibility in modifying data on the form, and integrate with DocuSign to allow both electronics and print, and scan enrollment forms.

    First Financial Bank

      Tablet and smartphones displaying First Financial Bank's website with sections on personal services, online banking login, and summer loan promotions.

      First Financial Bank’s outdated website experience didn’t match the company culture customers feel in branch. They needed a team to build a website that embodied their 21 non-negotiables to provide the highest level of customer service and support. The team at completed a foundational strategy to build a website that would serve all of the bank’s needs, taking the necessary time to evaluate the non-negotiables and strategizing the on-site tactics that would reflect them.

      Through this defined strategy, built out a user-centered, mobile-friendly website that complied with ADA guidelines and significantly cleaned up the overall site structure. The results from this new website have been high levels of engagement and establishing themselves as an important resource to their customers.

      First Service Credit Union

      Credit union website displayed on various devices with images of people banking and enjoying lifestyle benefits.

      First Service Credit Union (FSCU) aimed to enhance its website with a modernized design, upgraded capabilities, and improved performance. The company wanted a website for its credit union that provided an exceptional user experience and accessibility.

      They teamed up with the website agency to redesign the website. The team leveraged the robust native Kentico tools and capabilities to create a cutting-edge financial website for FSCU. The newly redesigned website features enhanced user experience and inclusivity through advanced search and financial tools like an easy-to-use financial calculator for the credit union’s members and website visitors. The new FSCU website design features streamlined, user-friendly navigation and cohesive branding. The branding is consistent throughout the website, emphasizing a commitment to total inclusivity within the community.

      Park Ridge Community Bank

      Park Ridge Community Bank website design and development

      Park Ridge Community Bank was interested in building a website that would better meet its customers' personal banking needs while also being optimized for mobile. The bank wanted to make mobile banking and other bank services and information accessible to customers.

      It choose to partner with the team to build a new site to improve user experiences and more. The team used the Kentico platform for the new Park Ridge Community Bank website. Leveraging Kentico’s innovative design capabilities, they focused on creating a simple navigation for the site to help banking customers find exactly what they wanted. The newly designed website has a mobile-friendly interface and a simplified user experience. Its modern aesthetic and functionality encourage customers to explore Park Ridge Community Bank’s business and personal banking services.

      Landmark Credit Union 

      various device screens of Landmark Credit Union website, indicating financial services success with web development agency

      Landmark Credit Union was undergoing a rebrand and, therefore, wanted to redesign and redevelop its website. The institution wanted to update its Kentico website to the latest version in order to take advantage of new platform features that would benefit bank members.

      With a three-month project deadline, Landmark Credit Union worked with the web design and development team at to expedite the build. The new website showcases the updated design, including a new logo, color palette, fonts, and other brand guidelines. The internal team is more empowered than ever with more editability and user-centric design from their new Kentico site. Landmark Credit Union’s new website also focuses more on members and its community, providing them with an enhanced events page. 

      Key Features of Effective Banking and Credit Union Websites on Kentico

      Robust Content Management

      Kentico offers a robust content management system (CMS) that empowers financial institutions to efficiently create, update, and manage website content, ensuring that financial information is accurate and up-to-date.

      Security and Compliance

      Kentico prioritizes security and compliance, making it a solid choice for banking and credit union websites. It encompasses features and options for secure data handling, aiding financial institutions in maintaining data privacy and complying with industry regulations.


      Kentico is scalable and enables banking and credit union institutions to expand their websites as required. Whether it involves incorporating new features, expanding services, or accommodating increased website traffic due to organizational growth, Kentico has the capability to adapt seamlessly.


      Kentico's robust personalization capabilities empower banking and credit union websites to deliver tailored content and services to individual visitors, enhancing the user experience, promoting relevant services, and engaging customers effectively.


      Kentico supports integration with various financial systems and applications, streamlining connections to core banking systems, online banking platforms, transaction processing systems, and other essential financial tools. This integration augments the overall functionality of banking and credit union websites.

      Kentico Banking and Credit Union Website FAQs

      Below, our Kentico web development experts answer some of your most frequently asked questions.

      What is your experience with Kentico and the financial industry? has worked with many bank and credit unions, having gained a deep understanding of the specific regulatory and security requirements that come along with the financial industry.

      How do you handle website scalability and performance optimization for high-traffic periods?

      Here at, we understand the need of website scalability to ensure that a website can handle high volumes of traffic. Through our experience, we’ve learned how to provide high-quality digital solutions that will also grow alongside the business.

      How will you ensure compliance and security in website development for the financial sector?

      We have a deep understanding of compliance and security in website development for the financial industry. Our team keeps compliance and security top of mind when developing websites in order to ensure that sensitive customer information is protected.

      What features and functionalities can you implement to enhance our online banking experience?

      We have experience developing and implementing a variety of features such as online backing portals, secure document uploads, loan calculators, and more. We work with our customers to decide what features and functionalities they need for their website to ensure it can be as functional as possible.

      How will you ensure our website is mobile-friendly and responsive?

      The teams at understand the increasing use of mobile devices for online banking, making responsive website design more important than ever before. We aim to provide a seamless user experience no matter the screen size.

      What is your approach to search engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing for our website?

      Through in-depth keyword strategy and technical SEO support, our team works to attract and retain customers, while also enhancing visibility on search engines.

      Can you provide ongoing maintenance and support after the website launch?

      We offer ongoing support services to help our customers plan for the long-term success of their websites, and we have a deep understanding of the required regular updates, maintenance, and support for a website.

      What is the typical timeline for completing a Kentico website project for a financial institution?

      The typical timeline for each Kentico website varies from project to project. We understand the need for time efficiency in the financial industry, so contact us to learn more about timelines for projects.

      What is the cost structure for building and maintaining the website?

      The cost structure for building and maintaining a website is different for every customer and largely dependent on the depth of the project. We aim to provide the highest quality digital solution to our customers so contact us today to learn more about our pricing. 

      Why partner with for your banking or credit union website development? has a wealth of experience in constructing Kentico-based websites tailored for the financial sector. As a Kentico Gold Solutions, Quality Expert, and Hosting Partner, has proven success with Kentico implementation services. Our proven success leveraged the best-in-class functionality of the Kentico platform to create a winning solution that pushes banking and credit union customers further. We also offer SEO, content marketing, and analytics services that are designed to benefit financial businesses, alongside many other services.

      Seeking a Website Agency for Your Banking or Credit Union Website on Kentico? has vast expertise in cutting-edge web design in the financial sector, and we aim to tailor a digital solution that aligns with your unique needs and goals. Contact us today to unlock the full potential of your online presence and discuss your specific web design requirements within the financial sector.

      Has this blog post piqued your interest about migrating your website to the Kentico platform? Request an Xperience by Kentico demo to learn more about all of the benefits the platform provides for your bank or credit union's website.

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