7 Inspiring Sitefinity Association Web Design Examples

In today's digital world, associations need a robust and dynamic website for several compelling reasons. A strong online presence is essential for effectively reaching and engaging with members, promoting the association's mission, and staying competitive in the digital landscape.

Technology is constantly changing and associations across industries must adapt to these changes by consistently addressing critical challenges through digital means to ensure long-term success. Americaneagle.com is a leading Sitefinity development partner, having successfully deployed numerous Sitefinity websites for many associations. Our partnership with Progress Sitefinity allows us to offer customers an exceptional web development experience with Sitefinity, providing valuable insights and high-quality websites. 

Montage of various association websites designed with Sitefinity, featuring APEGA, Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation, National Electrical Contractors, NJ Society of CPAs, and Association for Institutional Research


Key Features of a Quality Sitefinity Association Design

Quality Sitefinity association website design includes key features aimed at delivering an optimal member experience and facilitating seamless content management. One of the defining characteristics is the intuitive and user-friendly interface, allowing both members and administrators to navigate the site with ease.

A good design should also emphasize responsive layouts, ensuring the website is visually appealing and functional across various devices. Personalization is another important feature, enabling associations to tailor the content and user journey to member preferences or behavior. In addition, robust and seamless integration capabilities that allow the site to connect with other essential systems like CRMs, email marketing tools, and more. Finally, quality Sitefinity association web design prioritizes accessibility, ensuring that all users can easily interact with the website.

7 Top Sitefinity Association Designs by Americaneagle.com

The following are some Sitefinity Association website designs implemented and developed by Americaneagle.com. We have many great examples but wanted to highlight a handful for you. 

Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation

pulmonary fibrosis foundation

The Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation, a nonprofit organization based in Chicago, is dedicated to finding effective treatments for Pulmonary Fibrosis and related lung diseases. The foundation was facing a challenge as traffic to their website was decreasing due to increased competition in the industry. To address this issue, they turned to Americaneagle.com for help.

The Americaneagle.com team conducted a thorough audit and developed a comprehensive SEO strategy, including a paid search campaign. This involved keyword research, competitive analysis, optimization of user experience, content prioritization, and more. One important aspect of the paid search strategy was targeting specific personas, such as newly diagnosed and existing Pulmonary Fibrosis patients, to ensure the right content reached the right users. This resulted in increased click-through rates for the campaign. The results have been outstanding. In the past year, the Americaneagle.com SEO/SEM team not only achieved the goals set by the Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation but surpassed them by a significant margin. 

National Electrical Contractors Association

NECA Sitefinity Web Design Case Study

NECA partnered with Americaneagle.com to create a cutting-edge website to better serve their members. The main focus was on improving user experience with a more modern and intuitive design. ADA compliance and responsive design were also top priorities. The goal was to create a valuable resource for NECA members and the electrical industry, and the results have been outstanding.


APEGA UX case study showcase

In 2018, APEGA approached Americaneagle.com to build a new website that would provide a seamless experience for its members. The project began with a focus on improving the member experience platform. Americaneagle.com analyzed the components and determined the essential functionalities, including education tracking, member stamp purchases, and financial information access.

APEGA also conducted member research and implemented solutions to their liking. Americaneagle.com integrated various systems to create one unified system. The highlight of the strategy was when Americaneagle.com used design thinking to create a "WOW" feature for a memorable user experience. This led to the Action Center Dashboard on the myAPEGA portal, displaying required and recommended actions for members to stay compliant. Members can also pay fees, track professional development, update personal information, purchase member stamps, and view invoices through the portal. Since partnering with Americaneagle.com, APEGA has received excellent feedback. Processes that were once time-consuming and fragmented are now streamlined and cost-effective for both the association and its members.

New Jersey Society of CPAs

njcpa spotlight

Discover how Americaneagle.com collaborated with the NJCPA (New Jersey Society of CPAs) to enhance their Sitefinity site, integrating fresh graphics and advanced functionality, all while preserving their crucial legacy features.

Association of Legal Administrators

Display of the Association of Legal Administrators' website across different devices highlighting membership benefits and resources for legal management professionals.

Since its establishment in 1971, the ALA (Association of Legal Administrators) has emerged as a frontrunner in the industry, offering comprehensive support to a diverse range of businesses and agencies within the legal field. With a global network of over 9,000 professionals, ALA equips its members with the necessary skills to tackle any challenge they encounter. By partnering with Americaneagle.com, ALA ensures that its users enjoy a tailored web experience with the Sitefinity powered website.

Association for Institutional Research

Multi-device display of the Association for Institutional Research website featuring educational resources and data-driven decision making in higher education.

The Association for Institutional Research (AIR) is dedicated to supporting higher education professionals in effectively utilizing data and information for decision making and planning. AIR sought to revamp their website and desired a design that was not only visually appealing but also easy to maintain and adaptable for future needs. The previous content management system (CMS) proved to be a significant obstacle in their operations. Americaneagle.com collaborated with AIR to create a modern and sophisticated website that prioritizes user-friendliness. The intuitive design enhances navigation and prominently showcases AIR's offerings.

American Municipal Power

Overview of American Municipal Power's website interface displayed on different devices, focusing on renewable energy and investor relations.

American Municipal Power, founded in 1971, is a nonprofit corporation that owns and operates electric facilities across the coal-rich mid-eastern states. With over 133 members in 9 states, American Municipal Power is a trusted name in the industry. To enhance their website's performance, they turned to Americaneagle.com for our top-notch hosting services. With our PCI level 1 hosting facilities, American Municipal Power enjoys the site security they need. 

Sitefinity Association Web Design FAQs

Essential FAQs on Sitefinity Web Design Optimization

Sitefinity is chosen by associations for its ease of use, flexibility, superior performance, and capabilities to deliver personalized content to members.

Here are some common FAQs:

What makes Sitefinity different from other digital experience platforms and content management solutions?

The Sitefinity DXP is a modern digital experience platform that combines content management, personalization, and analytics to deliver optimized user experiences.  

How does Sitefinity ensure responsive web design?

Sitefinity allows developers to define transformations that automatically optimize your website for each visitor's unique screen using “drag & drop” layouts and responsive rule-sets. 

Does Sitefinity offer web tracking capabilities?

Yes, Sitefinity Insight offers web tracking capabilities, allowing associations to gather valuable data about user behavior and engagement on their website.  

Does Sitefinity offer support for upgrading the platform?

Yes, Sitefinity offers comprehensive support for upgrading the platform, with detailed FAQs to help users understand what it means when a specific Sitefinity version reaches its end-of-life.

What training and resources does Sitefinity Cloud provide for developers?

Sitefinity Cloud provides initial developer training and resources to help teams effectively use the platform. There are also onboarding resources and FAQs available to answer product and technical questions.   

Can I get professional assistance with my Sitefinity association web design?

Americaneagle.com is a trusted Premium Partner with Progress Sitefinity. Our team has the necessary expertise in Sitefinity CMS development to create a powerful digital solution that delivers significant outcomes.

Why Choose Americaneagle.com for Sitefinity Association Web Design?

With over 100 certifications and one of the first-ever Progress Sitefinity MVPs on staff, Americaneagle.com's Sitefinity services are unmatched in the association industry. We have been creating award-winning websites for over 25 years, and our custom solutions have aided associations in transforming their digital experiences. Our Sitefinity development team builds on our long-term success to create visually appealing and highly functional association websites.

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