6 Ways to Increase Salesforce User Adoption

As most will tell you, Salesforce is one of the largest investments you can make. The cloud-based customer relationship management tool has the power to transform organizational operations and increase revenue. However, these benefits can only come if it is properly implemented and if your team actually uses it.

The phrase “User Adoption” is mentioned quite frequently in Salesforce circles as it is one of the most cited reasons for failure when trying to implement a new CRM. Sales reps may be reluctant to leave behind their more traditional ways of keeping track of leads and some struggle to find value in the new way of doing things. This can lead to poor data quality and inaccurate information which can cripple your Salesforce Org.

No matter the size of your sales team, adopting any new tool will take some time. But by following a few thoughtful tips from the very beginning, Salesforce can be embraced by any team.

1. Make Salesforce Easy to Use

When it comes to your Salesforce org, simplicity is key. Don’t let your implementation get bogged down with hundreds of required data fields and Frankenstein-Esque customizations. Consider what elements can be made more efficient and engaging. Create separate user profiles that give each user the right features based on their role and remove any clutter that could lead to slow performance.

The beauty of Salesforce is that many tasks can be automated, nearly eliminating much of the data entry that turns team members away. Admins can create workflow rules, processes, and flows that can route records to several destinations. Smooth integrations with the rest of your tech stack can also make processes more efficient. Salesforce even has a powerful mobile app that can support your team on the go. Above all, make sure your system is properly configured in line with the way your sales team works.

2. Lead By Example

Adopting Salesforce will take a top-down approach and having support from leadership is critical for success. Sales leaders need to demonstrate the strategic value of the platform on a daily basis. Review and track all analytics in Salesforce and tie performance to usage with the mantra “if it’s not in Salesforce, it doesn’t exist.”

Salesforce also has a free adoption dashboard available within the AppExchange. This can help give teams a high level look at login history, new opportunities, and more to track the productivity of your sales reps. Set this dashboard up as a leaderboard around the office and see what happens to your adoption rates once everyone has visibility into who is using Salesforce and who isn’t.

3. Train Your Users

Proper training is an absolute must when it comes to implementing Salesforce. While the platform is known for its ease of use, remember that this is a whole new world for your team and they will need enough knowledge to properly use the platform. Trailhead is the easiest and most robust way to start learning Salesforce and you can even track your employees’ progress through each trail.

In-person, company-wide training sessions are also beneficial. Stretch out the training over multiple weeks to allow for follow-ups and to give users a chance to use the system and come up with questions later on.

4. Have Fun With Chatter

Chatter is Salesforce’s social networking tool and it can help get your team more involved on the platform. With Chatter, admins can create different groups for discussions around different topics. Try making some business-oriented chatter groups along with some fun groups for memes, birthday announcements, and just random updates. By making Salesforce a fun place to engage with fellow employees, you’ll give your users a reason to keep coming back. Through this, slowly but surely logging in to the platform will become a habit. 

A Chatter group that is dedicated to questions and concerns when using Salesforce can also encourage your employees to speak up about their issues with the platform. After all, you’ll never know what’s keeping your team from adopting Salesforce if you never give them a place to tell you. Make this group a safe place to discuss problems so you know where to make improvements or offer additional training.

5. Celebrate Your Power Users

Incentives and reward programs are a proven way to engage and motivate people. Whether it’s a gift card or a small bonus, rewarding your power users can encourage your entire team to get involved. Start by deciding what behavior you want to reward the most, for example, new opportunities, logins, or on-site demos, and reward the top performers as a part of a game or contest. Consider applying points to certain activities that your team members can “cash in” for prizes. Tying compensation to Salesforce usage is another more drastic, yet effective way to drive adoption.

Remember the user adoption dashboards available in AppExchange? Those will be key to tracking performance and making your incentive program successful.

6. Hire an Admin or Augment Your Team

To get the most out of Salesforce, you need someone dedicated to managing it. It’s not enough to throw the task on to your already stretched IT department. By having an administrator that knows the ins and outs of Salesforce and focuses solely on configuring and onboarding users on Salesforce, you can motivate your team and give staff members somewhere to turn whenever they have trouble with the platform. Whoever you hire should be a certified Salesforce professional. There’s even a verification page you can use to check the certifications of any job candidates.  

Augmenting or outsourcing your admin can be an even better option to get Salesforce support. Instead of one team member, you will have access to many and it’s quite easy to verify the qualifications of a Salesforce-certified partner. Agencies that reach certified consulting partner status are required to undergo constant training to maintain their certification. Additionally, you have the entire agency team at your disposal to provide custom services and integrations. Some teams, like Americaneagle.com, offer web design, development, and digital marketing services to ensure your entire digital presence is cohesive. When it comes to user adoption, usability is key, and Americaneagle.com has certified Salesforce experts on staff to assess your dashboards and your sales team and configure the platform in a way that works for your company. These professionals are also a quick call or email away and dedicated to solving your user adoption problems. Plus, hiring a Salesforce partner can be more cost-effective as you’re not responsible for keeping certifications up to date or paying for costly training. Above all, whoever you hire should be committed to your success.

User adoption is key to making Salesforce a success. To ensure high rates of engagement, you need a long-term strategy with ongoing efforts to drive adoption. Try out a few of the tips above and see what works for your team. Our knowledgeable staff at Americaneagle.com is also available to you. Contact us today and we can take a look at your current Salesforce structure to find ways to streamline your processes and increase adoption.

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