Achieving Continued Value with Future-Proof Ecommerce

For ecommerce companies to truly be successful, they must adapt and progress their technologies to keep pace with the ever-evolving global market. This has been especially important over the last few years as many continue to navigate the lasting impacts of the coronavirus pandemic, supply chain issues, inflation, and more. While some companies have faced these challenges head on, adapting quickly and efficiently, a large number of them were late to the game, falling behind their competition.

What is the best solution for those companies wanting to catch up – and not fall behind again in the future? Future-proof ecommerce technology. Below, we share what exactly future-proof ecommerce means, why it’s important, and the key components that make it successful. 

So, what exactly is future-proof ecommerce?

According to global research firm Forrester, “future-proof ecommerce allows you to evolve your customer experience and adopt any new touchpoint without being dependent on your ecommerce vendor to enable that touchpoint. With incremental effort, you can add or replace new experiences and commerce APIs.”

Simply put, future-proof ecommerce is an ecommerce approach that has continued value in the future. While the approach may not always last in its current state, it won’t become obsolete and unable to support your company as you introduce new technologies and strategies.

Why is future-proof ecommerce important?

Future-proof ecommerce allows companies to automate and digitize their ecommerce processes and order management needs over time in such a way that they won’t need to frequently overhaul their entire technology suite. It’s fundamental for avoiding unnecessary (and constant) re-platforming and most importantly, it sets your business up for future success.

Furthermore, future-proof ecommerce replaces monolithic solutions which can be extremely vulnerable. Monolithic software is one in which all of the necessary components are delivered by a single solution. With monolithic ecommerce, each solution is tightly coupled which then requires extensive work to add or customize functionality. It’s very time consuming and can result in lost customers.

What are the key components of a successful future-proof approach?

When it comes to future-proof ecommerce, there are a number of components that enable it to be successful. Some of which include the following:

  • APIs – Having application programming interfaces (APIs), a software intermediary that allows two applications to talk to each other, at the core of your business, allows for easy integration of new systems into existing ones. It also enables IT infrastructure to become adaptable and responsible.
  • Headless Architecture – This is defined as a specialization of decoupled architecture in which the presentation layer of an application is separated from backend services. It allows for the ecommerce experience to be more flexible and scalable as updates can be made on the spot without risking any changes to the backend. New customer experiences can easily be added and managed all through a single admin interface. Headless is becoming increasingly popular for scaling ecommerce companies because there’s no need to re-platform each time a new customer is brought on.
  • Cloud-Based Architecture – This is defined as the way technology components combine to build a cloud in which resources are pooled through virtual technology and shared across a network. The components include a frontend platform, a backend platform, a cloud-based delivery model, and a network. It essentially enables unlimited scalability thanks to its cost savings as well as removes the concerns associated with on-premise technology when it comes to infrastructure, data storage, scalability, and security.
  • Quick Go-to-Market Time – Modern technology, including architecture support, enables the ability to go to market quickly and easily. It also enables companies to pivot and iterate whenever necessary as well as prepares them for expansion.
  • A Skilled Partner – Future-proof ecommerce is a relatively new concept. Ensure that you’re working with a skilled technology partner – with proven experience – that will enable your online business to succeed. 


A future-proof ecommerce solution is an excellent way to ensure your business is ready for anything thrown its way. It allows for quick and efficient innovation, enabling you to step ahead of the competition and realize continued success. If your looking for an ecommerce partner that can help guide you through the future-proofing process, has you covered. Contact us today to get started. 

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