Modern Marketing Messages Podcast: 1:1 with a Marketing Expert: Dan Drucker

In this episode, our host, Taylor Karg, sat down to interview a marketing industry expert:'s very own Senior Digital Marketer Dan Drucker!

Dan is a high-achieving marketing leader with over 20 years of progressive experience overseeing programs and teams. He leverages integrated marketing communications philosophies to build adaptable, customer-centric, and data-driven marketing systems. His expertise includes research, insight identification, creative strategies, content marketing, CRM strategies, program optimization and a wide spectrum of digital tactics.

Taylor and Dan dig into his professional career, past experience, how he got into SEO, what advice he has for young up-and-coming marketers, and so much more!

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About: The Modern Marketing Messages discusses the latest and greatest in both online and offline marketing tactics, strategies, and trends. We take a deep dive in to anything and everything marketing, speaking to the best and brightest minds in technology and marketing. Episodes will cover different areas of focus, from advanced SEO to paid search, personalization to influencer marketing and everything in between.

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Taylor Karg
Taylor Karg is’s Marketing Content Writer. She graduated from the University of Missouri with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism. Over the years, she’s gained experience writing for B2B brands across a variety of industries. Taylor prides herself on her ability to tell a story – and having fun while doing it. When not interviewing or writing, Taylor can be found eating tacos and watching the latest Netflix, Hulu or HBO series.

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