Modern Marketing Messages Podcast: Content Governance and the Importance of Brand Standards

Content governance, or content management, facilitates the production and publication of content by symbiotically aligning people, processes, and tools. It is like a blueprint for how your content is planned, created, and distributed and encompasses accountability and cross collaboration with a content team.

In this episode, our host, Taylor Karg, sat down with Content Management Lead Tyler Bachman and Senior Content Writer Al Edwards to cover the importance of content, internal content governance, content quality, editing practices, brand standards, and so much more.

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Taylor Karg
Taylor Karg is’s Marketing Content Writer. She graduated from the University of Missouri with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism. Over the years, she’s gained experience writing for B2B brands across a variety of industries. Taylor prides herself on her ability to tell a story – and having fun while doing it. When not interviewing or writing, Taylor can be found eating tacos and watching the latest Netflix, Hulu or HBO series.

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