5 Ways Manufacturers Can Leverage Digital Marketing Opportunities

Generally speaking, the manufacturing industry has been slow to adopt technology and the internet in terms of digital marketing. However, as technology advances continue to propel the growth of the industry forward, those that aren’t embracing all of the opportunities digital marketing has to offer run the risk of getting left behind.

Conventional marketing tactics, like many companies in the industry are used to, are still effective. But, when coupled with a robust digital marketing strategy, companies are increasingly likely to stay ahead of the competition while also saving costs and valuable time.

So, to help manufacturers get ahead, we put together a list of five ways they can leverage digital marketing opportunities. 

1. Build Brand Awareness

When consumers are faced with a variety of options, they are more likely to buy a product from the brand they are most familiar with. As such, one of the most effective ways for manufacturing companies to establish and build brand awareness is through digital marketing.

Digital marketing tactics can enable brands to:

  • Reach a specific audience in a cost effective and measurable way
  • Interact with prospects and learn valuable insights
  • Personalize based on target audience
  • Reach a larger (even global) audience

To build brand awareness consider the following:

  • Implement a comprehensive SEO and PPC strategy to drive traffic  
  • Implement a quality content strategy to demonstrate expertise and build trust
  • Utilize social media platforms and invite customers and prospects to follow each page
  • Build email lists to consistently engage with customers and prospects

2. Establish Credibility with Good Content

In any B2B industry, especially manufacturing, it’s crucial to not only establish credibility, but demonstrate it as well. Prospects only want to work with companies they trust know their niche well – and for good reason. Digital marketing content, like blogs and videos, that highlight expertise will go a long way when it comes to building a strong reputation in the manufacturing industry. Explore content types such as how-to tutorials, whitepapers, infographics, explainer videos, and webinars. 

3. Lead Generation Through Marketing Automation

Through digital marketing, manufacturers can (and should) take advantage of marketing automation software. This allows routine processes to be put on autopilot. Companies are still in control of what goes out to customers and when, but most of the important happens on its own, behind the scenes.

When customers visit a website, automation allows for tracking of their behavior as well as the resources they download. Then, when they convert to a lead and provide their information, company reps can nurture them through the rest of the sales cycle with automation. According to an article from VB Insight, among brands that use marketing automation, 80 percent saw boosts in number of leads and 77 percent saw increases in conversions.

The following marketing automation solutions are quickly gaining popularity:

  • HubSpot – sales, customer service, and marketing automation
  • Constant Contact – social media and email prospects
  • ActiveCampaign – email marketing automation
  • Salesforce Pardot – B2B business automation 

4. Demonstrate Thought Leadership

Digital marketing provides an opportunity to showcase knowledge and expertise in all kinds of topics that pertain to the manufacturing industry. When customers look for insight and/or answers to their specific questions, they will likely turn to searching the internet. Brands that provide consistent, relevant, and search engine optimized content are more likely to be seen as thought leaders. Additionally, sharing thought leadership content via social media channels (this includes liking and commenting on similar posts) enhances the chances to be seen as a professional who really understands the material. 

5. Good Customer Service Leads

When manufacturing companies embrace what effective digital marketing has to offer, they’re bound to build more loyal customers. Now more than ever, customers are likely to reach out to companies via social media platforms and websites, and when the customer service is good, the chances of them coming back increases significantly. As a matter of fact, 69 percent of customers say they would spend more on a company with better customer service, according to a report from American Express.

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