5 Ways to Drive Quality Traffic to Your Site

Are your digital marketing efforts focused on quantities of the right kind? Quality traffic is led by the quantity of leads and conversions. At Americaneagle.com’s 2021 Forum, our Digital Marketing Director Hannah Grebner shared the following five ways to drive quality traffic to your site.  

Step 1: Identify Your Audience

Audience personas are a great way to visualize an ideal customer who represents a business’ target market or markets. Give each persona an individual name and get to know them. Beyond their age, gender, job, and location, what is their story and what makes them tick? What challenges are they aiming to solve? Are there pain points in their typical day that could be alleviated? Try to get as granular as possible with your persona characteristics. Does this person enjoy shopping for particular things? What websites do they frequently use? What is their level of interest or engagement with the product(s) offered by your business?

Step 2: Locate Where They Are, Digitally

Meet them where they are. Understand where your audience spends the most time online. Prioritize your efforts to engage your audience in the social media platforms or digital channel that they prefer. Review mentions of your brand, your competitors’ brands and trending industry terms across many platforms. Audit your existing traffic. Your content efforts should lead with the topics getting the most attention in the communication channels getting the most engagement.

Step 3: Attract Using Personalization

Tailor content specifically to your audience personas. Increased personalization has been proven to increase engagement and generate more quality leads. Personalization also improves important relevancy scores while lowering ad costs. Customer loyalty is consistently built through brand relationships that prioritize unique consumer attributes. The better you understand your customer, the more efficient your brand can utilize marketing strategies such as retargeting ads, local personalization, and channel personalization.

Step 4: Capture the Lead

Once you have identified, located, and attracted your audience, it is essential that those audience members convert to a qualified lead via your website. Landing pages can be an effective strategy to do exactly that. Create a prominent, compelling call to action within your landing page(s) to encourage potential customers to complete their individual profile within a web form on the page. Key points of interest that can help capture leads include enticing product banners, promotional offers, customer testimonials, and excellent ratings. AB testing the important elements of your landing pages can provide clarity on your best content decisions to capture leads with your landing page(s).

Step 5: Convert Your Customer

Hard work has been put into capturing leads. The most important step to increasing revenue is to convert that lead into a sale. Email is the prevailing lead nurturing channel. Engage your leads with consistent email campaigns including welcomes, newsletters, special offers, education, as well as personalized content such as abandoned cart messages, loyalty rewards, and more. Deliver content that builds brand awareness and engages users. Direct mail is another format in which brands can test trackable campaigns with important leads. Increasingly, SMS messaging is a way in which customers welcome engagement with certain brands. Short texts can be very successful as 98% of text messages are read and 90% are read within the first three minutes of delivery.

Americaneagle.com would like to help you dig deeper into these five steps and drive more revenue producing traffic to your business’ website. Our digital marketing team has extensive experience working with wide range of clients and industries to set up the right strategies to advance business success. Contact us today to get started.

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