2021 Forum Recap

We’re delighted to announce that the 2021 Forum was a success! The event, which was held on Tuesday, October 19 and Wednesday, October 20, featured 13 presentations from experts as well as two workshops, one client keynote presentation and one client panel. It was our first event at the office in two years and all we can say is we’re sure glad we were able to connect with our clients in person again.

To kick things off,’s President Mike Svanascini and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Tony Svanascini gave a warm welcome and update on the company. After that, Chris Smith, President and CEO of Fitness World Canada, delivered a killer keynote address. Then, over the course of the two days, attendees heard from’s employees on a variety of digital industry topics such as ecommerce, SEO, data analytics, digital marketing, lead generation, and more.

In the constantly evolving digital industry, it’s crucial to stay abreast of all the latest trends, technologies, and tolls, which is exactly why we started the Forum. Hosting the Forum for our customers enables them to have all of the necessary insights to make the right decisions for their online strategy and roadmap.

If you’re interested in what went down at this year’s Forum, continue to check back on our blog each week as we’ll be writing up posts on everything you need to know from each session.

We sincerely thank all those who attended in person or virtually, and we’re very much looking forward to the 2022 Forum.

See you there!

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