Lessons for Tomorrow Podcast: The Rise of Digital Accessibility

A lot of organizations get fooled into thinking that they are providing the right accessible experience. Our host, Tim Ahlenius, is joined by two experts in the digital accessibility field — Keith Bundy, who has worked for over 35 years in a variety of professional positions and is currently a digital accessibility consultant and trainer with Siteimprove, Inc., and Nick Goodrum, the Accessibility Practice Team Lead and Director of Front-End Development at Americaneagle.com.

The three set out to answer questions including, how do we engage in truly delivering accessibility? Why is there a gap between the technology and guidelines? And what is the future of technology and accessibility? Listen today as our experts dive into accessibility best practices.

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For more information on accessibility, check out these resources provided by Americaneagle.com and Siteimprove.

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