Modern Marketing Messages Podcast: The Nitty Gritty of Analytics

This episode of Modern Marketing Messages focuses on the nitty gritty of analytics. Two of’s analytics experts, Simon Mandel and Charles Ro, join the show to discuss how there is a narrative in data and how we go about sharing that narrative, along with what the future of analytics looks like.

We get into the difference between key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics, the usage of analytics dashboards, the importance of graphically representing data to tell a story, and more. Tune in to learn about actionable steps you can take to excel your own business with the analytics you have at hand!

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About: The Modern Marketing Messages discusses the latest and greatest in both online and offline marketing tactics, strategies, and trends. We take a deep dive in to anything and everything marketing, speaking to the best and brightest minds in technology and marketing. Episodes will cover different areas of focus, from advanced SEO to paid search, personalization to influencer marketing and everything in between.

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