Lessons for Tomorrow Podcast: Headless: The Future of Digital Experiences

This episode of Lessons for Tomorrow focuses on all things headless from a developers perspective – what is it, what are the true benefits, and what doors can it open for developers and enterprise organizations? Our host, Tim Ahlenius, speaks with three technical-expert guests: Jason Cohen, WP Engine Founder and CTO, Sean Blakeley, Americaneagle.com WordPress Technical Director, and Ellis LaMay, Americaneagle.com WordPress Practice Director.

Throughout their conversation, our speakers dig into the technical side of the headless industry and how this new ‘buzzword’ is really changing the game in today's digital landscape, along with how the de-coupled approach allows developers to choose their framework expertise and can help drive organizations forward in this new headless world. They also touch on the marriage between WordPress and headless addressing many challenges in the marketplace.

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About: The Lessons for Tomorrow podcast is centered around conversations between industry experts sharing insights from the past, to apply in the present, to achieve success in the future. This podcast is the "motivational poster" in your ear; each episode is centered around conversations which motivate you to tackle new initiatives at your organization. We will be talking with some of the best and brightest minds in technology and marketing and will hear from the experts themselves about their latest experiences, their most recent challenges and the road ahead. Every episode has a different story, a different answer, a different approach.

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