Getting the Most Bang From Your Cloud Marketing Buck - A Webinar Recap

Vanessa Cozzone, a top Digital Marketer at, recently delighted our clients with a captivating webinar that highlighted the  Top Five Salesforce Marketing Cloud Features to Personalize Customer Engagements. A Salesforce Marketing Cloud certified expert, Cozzone helped numerous customers achieve digital success and boost their sales, using Marketing Cloud. Listen in to the webinar recording  here.

This article summarizes the webinar, focusing on key takeaways that showcase Salesforces capabilities in turning customers into loyal brand advocates:

Take business efficiency to the next level

According to Cozzone, Salesforce Marketing Cloud can drive business efficiencies by increasing the following:

  • 25% the marketing return on investment (ROI)
  • 27% lead volume
  • 30% lead conversions

These numbers are based on validated Salesforce surveys and prove why the company has emerged as a leader in marketing automation and is the preferred email provider around the globe.

Five must-use Salesforce Marketing Cloud products

While the platform has many key features, when it comes to enhancing customer engagement, these five stand out:

  1. Email Studio
  2. Journey Builder
  3. Mobile Studio
  4. Advertising Studio
  5. Social Studio

Cozzone walked webinar attendees through each solution, starting with Email Studio.

“This specific product is known for helping clients create and implement smarter and more personalized email campaigns based on users’ interactions with their company.”

1.) Email Studio

This tool allows businesses to populate their emails with personalized content blocks, such as personalization strings (e.g., a prospect’s first and last name) and predictive content boxes (e.g., display multiple offerings at the bottom of an email based on a prospect’s past purchases). Dynamic content is also an option introduced by Email Studio. With it, you can send your email subscribers unique content that meets specific predefined rules.

“If the subscriber is female, you can arrange for them to see only clothing and content that serves their unique needs,” explained Cozzone.

Other valuable functions of Email Studio are A/B testing support, email analytics, and preview & test, all of which are designed to boost customer satisfaction through personalization.

“This means delivering exactly what the customers want, when they want it and how they want it,” Cozzone pointed out. “It’s the best way to turn leads into repeat customers and loyal fans.”

Properly managing personal data can make or break your email campaigns. There are three ways to store subscriber data in the Marketing Cloud: lists, groups (random and filtered), and data extensions. Data extensions are by far the most complex of the three and they contain tables of different types of data (e.g., addresses, purchase histories, etc.) which makes them ideal for transactional emails.

Real-life example: An email sent to confirm a food delivery in which the estimated arrival time, total cost, the location, as well as a call-to-action(CTA) are included.

2. Journey Builder

This instrument can be used to create not only email campaigns, but also SMS and advertising campaigns. Without Journey Builder, businesses need to create these campaigns in three separate places:

  • Email Studio
  • Mobile Studio
  • Advertising Studio

That’s what Journey Builder does best: it merges those siloed campaigns into one holistic multi-channel journey. Users can choose from a handful of customizable templates like Abandoned Carts, Welcome Journey, and Event Follow-up.

Real-life example: A company can set up a Welcome Journey that starts with a cloud page form completion. It continues with strategic emails, designed to determine user interests (a process called segmentation) and follow-up emails to encourage further exploration of products or services. If the lead shows interest, the sales team can retarget them using dynamic or personalized content, via various channels such as advertisement, short message service (SMS), or email.

3. Mobile Studio

One of the most popular features of Mobile Studio is Mobile Connect which allows users to send both SMS and multimedia messaging service (MMS) messages, as well as alerts and transaction notifications (e.g., delivering and shipping notifications). Other applications of Mobile studio include:

  • Outbound communication
  • Subscribers’ surveys
  • Sending promotional messages
  • Gathering information about your audience

Location-based push notifications is an intriguing Mobile Studio feature. If used correctly, this tool can save time and confusion for you and your customers.

Real-life example: A hotel sends notifications to their customers as soon as they enter the establishment’s premises, guiding them through the check-in process.

4. Social Studio

This is a one-stop-shop for:

  • Managing: social media platforms, social media posts, timelines and design.
  • Organizing: by region, by products, by brands, by team.
  • Analyzing: trends, keyword performance, competitors.

To maximize your Social Studio experience, Salesforce Marketing Cloud created three handy features. The first is Topic Profile, a tool to find social media conversations around specific keywords. The other two features are Labels, which helps users track user generated content (UGC) and Custom Reports, that simplifies complex and vast amounts of information posted on social media.

5. Advertising Studio

A complete content management system (CMS) solution for any digital marketing campaign efforts, Ad Studio uses data collected from subscriber activity, such as mobile push interactions, site conversions, and email campaigns. Its purpose? Target existing customers and lookalike audiences across social, mobile and display advertising networks.

With Ad Studio, you can:

  • Reach audiences at a scale and find new, relevant customers.
  • Align email and ad campaigns and re-engage inactive subscribers with content that matches their purchase history.
  • Generate and automate leads from social media.

As an official Salesforce Consulting Partner and Commerce Cloud Solutions Partner, offers services such as consulting, integration, and implementation to all our valued customers.

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