Social Media Trends to Grow Your Brand in 2021

Social media marketing might be the most cost-efficient way to revive your business, generate customer enthusiasm, nurture sales and emerge stronger from the pandemic. In order to fully benefit from this tool, you will need to change your way of thinking. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by all the available channels, look at them as a playground to create customized solutions for your brand.

The crisis has yet to pass, but a people-first social media marketing strategy can ensure that you’re more in tune with the needs of your employees, customers and influencers. These strategies shouldn’t be part of your immediate plan of attack. It’s when you’re in a growth mindset that you’re more open to new solutions and opportunities, so use them as part of a plan of action for steady, long-term business success.

1.) Baby Boomers — the Audience Waiting to Be Seen

About 86% of baby boomers use social media daily to research products and find solutions to their problems, reveals a study by the Manifest. Still, for most brands, this lucrative category of customers remains largely invisible. However, in 2021, this is about to change.

Companies like Ageist are already providing brand consulting services on reaching and influencing consumer behavior of 50+ audiences, which represents 83% of U.S. household wealth.

“By using smart segmentation and thoughtful representation, marketers that include baby boomers in their digital strategies can leapfrog those still stuck in stereotypes,” says Hootsuite’s fifth annual report on the latest global trends in social media.

Here are some effective strategies that will help you engage this audience on social media:

  • Share downloadable product guides and comparison charts - Most consumers over 38 are interested in comparing products by price, according to a study by BRP Consulting. Make it easier for them to choose your products by providing quality photos and plenty of details on pricing and performance.
  • Implement upselling and cross-selling tactics - Baby boomers are still outspending millennials and they love to upgrade and get more value out of their purchases. Get their attention with discounts, incentives and exclusive offers.
  • Post early in the day - Forty percent of baby boomers consume a majority of their online content between 5 a.m. and noon.

2.) Nostalgia — A Powerful Marketing Tool

Nostalgia mentions increased 88% during lockdown, found a recent report by Talkwaker and Hubspot and this is only the beginning of this phenomenon.

Popular brands like Coca-Cola, Godiva, Nike and Apple have used it for years to create an emotional bond with their customers by tying their messaging to pleasant past experiences everyone can relate to. What’s unique about this year is that the focus will be more on transporting buyers back to simpler times, when life wasn’t plagued by COVID-19.

Some best practices for reminding buyers of the “good old days,” while hitting your social media marketing targets:

  • Create content around things that everyone is longing for such as celebratory events with loved ones. Show customers how can you help fill that gap.
  • Adapt your posts and campaigns for each audience. Millennials and Gen Z’rs are more likely nostalgic about brunch with friends, while baby boomers miss actively participating in the life of their communities.
  • Tap into customers’ need for escapism through immersive experiences. Facebook’s Instant Experiences, for example, allows brands to create a single, all-encompassing ad that has video, photos, carousels, tagged products and more. This way, customers can explore your products in a more intimate way and become a character in your brand’s story.

The best part about this type of social media marketing? It can actually improve your customers’ mental health. Research conducted by the University of Southampton showed that nostalgia “elevates mood, self-esteem and a sense of social connectedness.” Why does this matter? According to Beall Research, 94% of consumers are highly likely to purchase again from companies that make them feel good.

3.) Goodbye UGC, Hello Remixing!

User-generated content (UGC) is an incredibly genuine way to nurture your sales funnel. The name says it all: users get to create the content for you, by leaving a testimonial on your page or tagging your brand on a photo they posted.

In 2021, UGC is taking on a new form called remixing. Thanks to apps like TikTok, Koji, and Instagram Reels, users started putting their personal spin on existing content.

Heba Sayed, who leads Business Strategy and Engagement for IBM Cloud and AI in Middle East and Africa, told Talkwaker that customers now “look for people, not brands, for inspiration about products and services that fit within their new lifestyles post COVID-19.”

This is a good opportunity to harness your audience’s creativity and stand out from the competition. While you won’t be able to control what your audience comes up with, you can at least set the tone by offering formats, templates or ideas for them to experiment with. Some things to keep in mind when getting started with this concept:

  • Track your brand mentions across social media to see what audiences are most interested in remixing your content.
  • Engage with users to learn what other assets they would like you to offer.

Respond carefully in case something goes wrong. Not only is the internet abound with trolls, but any message can be misunderstood. Start slowly with one customizable option. If you are concerned about criticism, direct online feedback to a private conversation.

Social media marketing is a beautiful, yet tricky endeavor. To catapult your company into digital post-pandemic success and truly take advantage of these, you might want to hire some tech-savvy helpers.

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