Salesforce: Success, Solutions, and Getting Started

Salesforce is a SaaS (software as a service) leader ranked by Gartner as the #1 CRM for the 8th consecutive year. But what is Salesforce, exactly?

Salesforce is so much more than just a CRM. Despite its name, Salesforce offers many products including exceptional commerce solutions. At its core, Salesforce is cloud-based software designed to manage all of your customer touchpoints. Salesforce can be used for sales, customer service, marketing, commerce, and as a CMS. Businesses can interact and connect with their customers using Salesforce. Salesforce launched an ad last year with a focus on how they “bring companies and customers together.”

What is the Story of Salesforce’s Success?

Salesforce was the first true low-cost, web-based SaaS solution, founded in 1999 when Siebel Systems and Oracle ruled the world of CRM with desktop-based software.

Salesforce brought in a new breed of marketing to promote their SaaS solution, with the tagline “The End of Software”, and the concept that software should be cloud-based and always available. By January 31st 2001, Salesforce had already reached 5.4 million in revenue.

Salesforce CEO Marc Bernioff has always been ahead of his time, and gifted the “App Store” domain to Steve Jobs. The two tech leaders shared a similar vision, and had met to discuss the concept of creating an ecosystem of this kind in 2003. Bernioff had bought two domain names for an ecosystem surrounding Salesforce; “App Exchange” and “App Store”. By the time Apple announced its ecosystem for the iPhone, Bernioff had settled on App Exchange, and gave Jobs the trademark and domain for “App Store”.  Bernioff’s ability to look to the future continues to be demonstrated in all Salesforce products.

Salesforce’s success was down to the fact that it made technology easier for its users. Today, Salesforce still leads the way, providing easy-to use, low-code, connected solutions to enable success in all areas of business.  

Salesforce Products

Salesforce creates cloud-based, SaaS solutions enabling you to access your data in real time, from any location. Salesforce owns a multitude of products, much like Microsoft. As you become more familiar with Salesforce, you’ll discover Salesforce Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, Commerce Cloud, Tableau, Mulesoft, and more. 

Each of these products is unique with its own licensing, but together, they can provide a 360 degree view of your customers and keep you connected to them. With Salesforce, you can gain consolidated insight into all customer activity. With a thorough understanding of your relationship with each customer, you can improve customer experience.

Here is a little more information on some of the most popular Salesforce products:

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud is designed for teams working together to manage leads, prospects and customers.
  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud enables customer-focused ecommerce for B2C and B2B businesses.
  • Salesforce Service Cloud can improve customer service across channels.
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud can enable your team to create multi-channel marketing campaigns and provide your customers with personalized experiences.
  • Salesforce Community Cloud is a social platform designed to empower users to help themselves through community discussion and collaboration.
  • Mulesoft eases, accelerates, and modularizes the connectivity data, devices, and applications across an organization’s computing environments. 
  • Tableau is a ‘Business Intelligence’ platform that enables organizations to connect to any database, create compelling data visualizations, and share them easily inside and outside of their organization.  

Why Choose Salesforce?

Salesforce has found success by providing exceptional solutions that meet a wide range of needs. Salesforce can help businesses run more efficiently and affordably, reach customers in new places and maintain ongoing relationships. Here are just a few reasons to choose Salesforce.

  • A Best-in-Class Solution: Salesforce is a very powerful solution, and is genuinely the best in its class. It is used by over 100,000 companies, and has received numerous awards, declaring Salesforce as the top-rated and best CRM.
  • Salesforce Can Empower Your Team: Salesforce prides itself on empowering non-technical business people with the concept of low code, no code solutions. This concept makes operations more affordable; many tasks that businesses used to have to pay a developer to complete, can now be taken care of in-house. Advanced work can be left to Salesforce Consulting Partners who can provide expert guidance and complete complex web development tasks.

Ready to Get Started with Salesforce?

Salesforce can help you connect with customers and build your business. Contact trusted Salesforce Consulting Partner today to learn more about how Salesforce can work for you.

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