Year in Review: Counting Down Our Top Blogs of 2020

As we approach the new year, we look optimistically into the future of 2021. Throughout 2020, our staff members and partners have been contributing much of their knowledge and insights on all things digital.

We’re counting down the top ten blogs that you read the most this year and taking a look back at the top 2020 blog articles.

10. Why Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a Great Fit for B2C Companies

Decked out with cutting-edge features like Journey Builder, Google Analytics 360, Email Studio, and Social Studio, Salesforce is a B2C marketer’s playground. One stretched across all channels from email to social, mobile, and even advertising .See how Salesforce Marketing Cloud can help you achieve new online retail heights.

9. Google Makes Major Shopping Platform Change to Benefit Retailers

Google Shopping has grown over the last 20 years as another option, as opposed to ecommerce behemoths Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart, for retailers to directly list website links and let users search for products and match pricing. Read on to learn more.

8. Domino’s, Beyonce, and Web Accessibility: What you need to know about recent ADA Lawsuits

Making your company’s website accessible is very necessary for a variety of reasons and we know that having an accessible website helps with SEO while assisting those without disabilities as well To stay in compliance with most laws around the world, a good rule of thumb is to follow level AA of the most recent release of the WCAG, which you can read more about here.

7. COVID-19: How to Shift your Business Strategy to Align with the "New Normal"

COVID-19 is affecting businesses in countless industries everywhere. These are challenging times, and we’re here to help you find new and innovative solutions to embrace the ‘new normal’ as much as possible. Read on for more.

6. Sitefinity Cloud or Not to Cloud

For many years now we have been able to host the Progress Sitefinity CMS system in the Cloud with some tweaks here and there. With the latest announcements of the availability of a new SKU of Sitefinity called “Sitefinity Cloud,” Progress has made it easier for organizations to concentrate more on the experience rather than the infrastructure. Learn more in this article about whether you should use Sitefinity Cloud or not.

5. 5 Useful Tips to Stay Productive While Working from Home

The world is reacting to COVID-19 with major event cancellations, school closures, and travel restrictions to mitigate transmission of the disease. Working from home does present its own challenges. It can be very easy to get distracted and virtual connections are not the same as face to face interaction. Here are a few tips and tricks that can help make working from home a bit more successful and productive.

4. Comparing the Top BigCommerce Shipping Options

Shipping can sometimes seem like an afterthought when it comes to ecommerce and selling your products online but it shouldn’t be! BigCommerce makes it easy to get everything you need set-up, whether it is native or a third-party app. Your shipping options all depend on your business and when your fulfillment process is right it can save you time and money. Here, we’ll take a look at these options as well as the pros and cons of each to help you make good business decisions.

3. Google Releases May 2020 Core Update

Core updates always cause slight consternation within the digital marketing and SEO communities, because many websites will see their rankings affected by these core updates. In their mission to present relevant content to the hundreds of millions of people using the Google search engine, core updates are significant. They are designed to have a noticeable impact for search results for all languages throughout the world. Here are the updates from the May 2020 release.

2. How to Install Sitecore 9.2 on a Scaled Environment

Sitecore 9.2 comes with a graphical installation wizard type called SIA (Sitecore Install Assistant) which is very convenient for the developers and for a stand-alone installation. Sitecore has an extensive guide that covers the Installation for the XP Scaled topology. It’s a must read for any scaled setup but for this case we decided the best route is to modify the single XP installation script and tailor it to fit our needs. Read on to find out what steps we took to do so.

1. The Do's and Don’ts of Digital Marketing During the Coronavirus

COVID-19 has impacted our lives in numerous ways. In times of crisis, the marketing budget is often the first thing to go, but it shouldn’t. At this moment, keeping your customers informed and engaged is more important than ever. For guidance, here are a few Dos and Don’ts to follow when reassessing your digital marketing plan amid the Coronavirus.

As we wrap up the unprecedented 2020 year, we are hopeful and optimistic to see what the 2021 year has to offer. Make sure to follow along with us as we step into the new year and continue to share the latest trends in digital marketing, web development, experience design, and more!

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