Do I Need A Website for My Business in 2020?

If you’re wondering if you need a website, you’ve come to the right place. The events of this year have pushed many small business owners to realize that they may need a website to grow their business, or indeed, for their business to survive.

If you sell products or services, the answer is yes, you could certainly benefit from a website dedicated to your business. In fact, every kind of business can benefit from having its own website, to improve brand recognition, provide users with information, alert new customers in the area to your business presence and capture leads. 

Do I Need a Website if I Already Sell Online?

Maybe you’re already a successful online seller making use of social media platforms like Facebook, or marketplaces, such as Amazon or Etsy. 

It is entirely possible that you’ll be able to continue selling via these platforms successfully for years to come, and you certainly shouldn’t give up on the online presence you already have. Social media platforms and marketplace sites will remain valuable channels to reach new and existing customers.

However, if you intend to grow your business, creating your own website is an important step in this process. 

Why You Need a Good Website

Online business is the way of the future. Here are a few reasons why you need a good website for your business.

Enable Your Business to Compete

If you don’t have an online presence at all, or only sell on social media platforms and marketplaces, you’re not giving your business the best chance to compete in your market. According to Statista, this year in the United States alone there were a total of 256 million B2C online shoppers. If you don’t have a website, you aren’t giving these potential customers the opportunity to shop with your brand.

Establish Trust

For certain businesses, a marketplace or social media presence may be enough to build trust, but for some potential customers, owning a business website is a sign of credibility and success. A good website can help your reputation precede you in all the right ways.

Take Control of Your Brand

Social media platforms and marketplaces are very limiting in terms of how much you can tailor your online presence to your users and create a clearly identifiable brand image. For example, if you sell on Amazon you can make use of the wonderful technology this big name brand has to drive revenue, but to your customers, you’re just another Amazon listing.

Your own website will be a place to take control of your brand, get creative and connect with new loyal customers, who will seek out your brand in future.

Make the Most of SEO

A website of your own gives you control not only of your brand, but of your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). When an individual types a keyword or phrase into Google or another search engine and hits search, an SERP (Search Engine Results Page) displays. This page features a list of the websites most relevant to their search. With your own website, you’ll be able to use SEO tactics to feature on search engine results pages when a user types in a keyword related to your brand, products or services. SEO tactics can drive traffic to your site and introduce new customers to your business. If you have your own website and a user types in the name of your brand, chances are your website will sit at the top of the search engine results page.

Benefit from ROI 

A well-built website that can capture leads or has ecommerce capabilities has huge potential for ROI (return on investment). Building an ecommerce website will enable customers to purchase directly from you, instead of via marketplaces that take commission on each sale and encourage your customers to browse competitor products. Once you site starts to receive traffic and drive revenue, you may wonder why you didn’t invest in your own website sooner.

Benefit From New Opportunities

Once your new website is built, the possibilities will be endless. With a new website comes new opportunities to develop your brand, market to your customers and drive traffic to your site. Integrate your new website with Google Analytics for reporting and advanced insight that you can use to drive further traffic to your site. Study user experience to keep improving your site, and drive more revenue.

Prioritize Longevity

We all know that even the latest and greatest social media platforms won’t last forever, and who knows what the future has to hold. Throughout every change, you can maintain a constant online presence with your own website.

I Need a Website for My Business – What Next?

If you know that you should have a website for your business, can help. We are a team of expert web designers, developers, digital marketers, SEO specialists and strategists able to build your site, keep it running smoothly and improve it as you grow.  We work on a range of platforms with businesses in all industries, and can help you find the solution that best fits your business needs. Contact today!

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